HSC Admission 2020 : Circular, Result & Form of Bangladesh

HSC Admission 2020 : Circular, Result & Form of Bangladesh

HSC Admission 2020: Circular, Result & Form of Bangladesh

HSC Admission 2020 : Circular, Result & Form of Bangladesh
HSC Admission 2020: Circular, Result & Form of Bangladesh

HSC Admission 2020: Are you waiting for HSC admission 2020? If the answer is YES, You are in the right place where you will get the College admission circular, with complete instruction of the application process are given here. For the purpose of HSC Admission 2019,  students have two available options to apply. These are Online xi Admission and Application Through SMS. We have discussed full details of HSC Admission process below

Eligibility of HSC Admission

Education Ministry of Bangladesh creates some rules and regulations to apply for the Inter Admission. Here we have provided the rules in shorts.

Students have to pass SSC Exam within 2017,2018,2019,2020 for General Education Board.
For the Students of Open University, the passing year is 2016, 2017, 2018
Maximum Age for the applicant in HSC Admission of Bangladesh Open University BOU is 22 Years
Science Students can choose any group
Business studies and Humanities Students can choose anyone from Business studies or Humanities
The selection process of HSC Admission
If you don’t know the selection process, then this section is for you. Here we have discussed how the authority will select the candidates for the college admission 2019

No admission test will be held.

The selection process will be based on SSC Result

Colleges have to fill up the 100% Seats according to the Merit

After filling up the Meritous, extra seats will be filled up based on 5% for Freedom Fighters, 3% Seat reserve for the Districts, 2% for the Village students,

College authority can decide the minimum point for admission

If the GPA is the same for two or more students, then college authority will calculate the Total Marks of the students

HSC Admission Online Process

There are two systems of the Application process to apply for the desired college. Students can Choose any of the processes. The Processes are Online Application through website and Application through Teletalk Mobile SMS.

For Online Application, Students have to pay 150 BDT as application fee. They can choose minimum of 5 colleges and Maximum 10 colleges as a preferable college.

Those who apply through Teletalk Mobile then can choose 10 colleges . For each college they have to pay 120 BDT as a admission fee. According to merit and choice , One student can get admit himself in one college only

HSC Admission Application By Website

www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd is the website where the students of SSC passed student can apply to get admitted in the XI admission. Students have to log in to the website and fill the form according to the demand. Student needs EIIN Number to apply for the definite colleges.

HSC Application By Mobile SMS

This is another way of applying for the HSC College admission. Students have to send a message through Tele & Talk Mobile in a definite format.

HSC Admission Circular 2019

According to the admission circular 2019, Students need to following eligibility for the xi admission. Here is the eligibility of XI admission students. Here is the Image and Pdf version of HSC Admission 2019 Circular. You can either Download or Print it from here.

HSC Admission Circular 2019
HSC Admission Circular 2019

Important College Admission Date 2019

Process DetailsDate
Application Process StartMay 12, 2019
Application Process EndsMay 23, 2019
Valid application selectionMay 24-26, 2019
Rescrutiny Application StartJune 03, 2019
Rescrutiny Application CloseJune 04, 2019
College Choice ChangeMay 12- June 05, 2019
First Result Publish DateJune 10, 2019
Selection Confirmation StartJune 11, 2019
Selection Confirmation CloseJune 18, 2019
2nd stage Application StartJune 19, 2019
2nd stage Application EndJune 20, 2019
1st Migration Result Published DateJune 21, 2019
Second Waiting List Result Publish DateJune 21. 2019
Second Waiting List Selection Confirmation StartJune 22, 2019
Second Waiting List Selection Confirmation EndJune 23, 2019
3rd Stage ApplicationJune 24, 2019
2nd Migration Result DateJune 25, 2019
Third Waiting List Result Publish DateJune 25, 2019
Third Waiting List Selection ConfirmationJune 26, 2019
College Admission StartsJune 27, 2019
College Admission EndsJune 30, 2019
College Class StartsJuly 1, 2019

XI Class Admission Result & Migration

After the end of the application process, the first HSC admission result will publish on June 9, 2019. After the result, students have to admit themselves in themselves on their selected colleges. After the selection of colleges, students have to get admitted to the colleges. According to the admission circular, the admission process continues from 20 to 22 June and 28 to 29 June Respectively. The class will start on July 1, 2019,

How the merit list will be generated in College Admission of Bangladesh?

The merit list will completely be generated according to the GPA basis. Highest GPA holder will get the priority for admission. If the GPAs are equal then the marks will be counted for the calculation purpose of priority. There are other factors like Age, Students college choice The Quota systems are available of the HSC / XI admission in 2019. The quotas are

  • Freedom Fighter Quota
  • Special Quota Declared By the College
  • Ministry of Educational Quota
  • Divisional Quota
  • HSC Online Admission form fills up through Website

Step 1: Go To the Website www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd (Click To Visit)

Step 2: Click On the Apply Now Button

Step 3: Fill the form according to demand

HSC Admission form fills up through SMS

For the purpose of fulfill support of sending message through Tele & Talk mobile, we have assumed a profile of SSC passed student. All the information is imaginary. But it will help to assure you the proper message.

HSC Admission 2019 Imaginary Profile
HSC Admission 2019 Imaginary Profile

We are guessing a profile of Monalisa Rahman Who have passed SSC exam in 2019, She desires to get admitted in a college. The EIIN Number of the college is 098765. SSC Roll No 123456 From Dhaka Board. He wants to admit herself in the business studies group.

Step 1: Use Tele & Talk Mobile

Step 2: Go To Message Options

Step 3: Type the Following Code

CAD 098765 S DHA 123456 2019 M B FQ

Step 4: Send to 16222

Step 5: You will receive return SMS with an Instruction

Step 6: Check Your Account balance and Send the SMS again with the Following format to 16222
CAD Yes PIN Contact Number

You have done !

EIIN Number of All Colleges According To Board
EIIN Number is the essential elements to apply for the xi class college admission. To get all the EIIN number Click the Button below

EIIN Number of All Colleges

HSC Admission form 2019 Download

After Filling the form through online student can download the form in their local drive. One Should keep the copy in his collection for further admission procedure.

HSC Admission Form Download

College transfer & Admission Cancel application form
To transfer the colleges or cancel the admission process, students have to contact college authority. To transfer, one has to collect the transfer application form. Samely, Admission cancel form has to collect.

HSC Application and Admission Fees

Village and Thana level college Admission fee is 1000 BDT, Zila Sadar Colleges are able to charge 2000 BDT

Any Metropolitan Area except Dhaka can charge not more than 3000 BDT

Colleges in Dhaka Metropolitan area can’t charge more than 5000 BDT

Below are list of Government fee from students

Registration Fee – 130 BDT

Sports Fee 30 BDT

Scout Fee -15 BDT

Red Cresent Fee -8 BDT

Science and IT Fee -7 BDT

BNCC Fee – 5 BDT

If the students have study gap, then they have to pay some extra fee according to the government declaration. Here are fees with their criteria

Study Gap Fee 150 BDT
Late Admission Fee – 100 BDT

This is all about HSC admission 2019. More information when we find will be updated in this HSC admission 2019 page. Bookmark it

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