Huawei's Own Operating System 'Hongmeg'

Huawei's Own Operating System 'Hongmeg'

Huawei's own operating system 'Hongmeng'


Huawei's Own Operating System 'Hongmeg'

Speaking in March this year, Huawei's chief executive Richard Wu said they would build their own operating system to avoid any untoward situation. Google canceled a trade deal with Huawei on Sunday. After that, the Chinese giant said that they are going to create a new operating system. The name of that operating system may be 'Hongmeng'.

Huawei will no longer receive EMUI updates on any new Huawei phones after China discontinued software support. Huawei has been building and developing their Hongmeng operating system since 2012.

The Chinese company has already seen the operating system used on some of Huawei's phones, according to Huawei Central.

However, it is certain that the operating system has created and its name may be like that. Huawei did not comment on the matter. However, it is true that Huawei has created this operating system as an alternative to Android. Last Wednesday, President Trump blacklisted Huawei in the United States.

Google has since canceled a trade deal with Huawei. As a result, from now on, Huawei's phone will no longer have services like Google's Gmail, Maps, Play Store, YouTube, Chrome browser.

EH / May 20/2019/1817 with Huawei Center

Huawei's Own Operating System 'Hongmeg'

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