Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

The Bangladesh Bar Council is a Statutory Autonomous Body of the Government constituted under the Bangladesh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Order, 1972 (President’s Order No. 46 of 1972). It consists of 15 (fifteen) Members of whom the Attorney – General for Bangladesh is one and is the Chairman ex-officio. Others are elected by Advocates for a term of 3 (three) years from amongst themselves, of whom seven from General Seats and seven from seven Zonal or Group Seats. The elected members, in their first meeting, elected from amongst themselves a vice-chairman and different standing Committees, viz- Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Legal Education Committee etc. There is no membership in the Bangladesh Bar Council. Bangladesh Bar Council is a licensing & regularity body for all Advocates of Bangladesh.

1. In a criminal case the burden of proof of the plea of self defense lies upon the?

(a) Complainant
(b) State
(c)  Person raising the plea
(d) Victim
Answer: (c) Person raising the plea

2. While staying in a house as licensee, X Claims it ownership. Her legal bar is-

(a) His admission
(b) Law of estoppels
(c) His waiver
(d) His acquiescence
Answer: (b) Law of estoppels

3. A fact claimed by one party need not be proved, if it is-

(a) Admitted by the other side
(b) Historical truth
(c) Natural phenomenon
(d) Proved by evidence
Answer: (a) admitted by the other side

4. A party to a court case can put leading questions to his own witness on-

(a) Any matter
(b) Admitted matter
(c) Disputed matter
(d) Expert opinion matter
Answer: (b admitted matter

5. A party can call witness for re-examination for

(a)Clarifying  previous statement
(b) Clarifying previous statement
(c) To prove something as false
(d) Giving opinion
Answer: (b) Clarifying previous statement

6. The purpose of cross-examination of a witness is to find our-

(a) His personality trait
(b) A different case
(c) Truth about the dispute
(d) His status
Answer: (c) Truth about the dispute

7. Which section of the CRC contains provision relating to res judicate?

(a) 9
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 151
Answer: (c) 11

8. Which authority can transfer a civil case form one district to another?

(a) Concerned district Judge
(b) Concerned trial court
(c) Registrar, Supreme Court
(d) High court division
Answer: (d) High Court Division

9. If a decree is affirmed by the High Court Division in revision. Petition for execution of the decree is to be filed in?

(a)High court division
(b)Appellate division
(c) District court
(d)Decree awarding court
Answer: (d) decree awarding court

10.Appeal does not lie against

(a) Contested decree
(b) Expert decree
(c) Decree on consent
(d) Rejection of plaint
Answer: (c) decree on consent

Bangladesh Bar Council Model MCQ Part-2

1.The court presumes the execution and contents of a 30 year old document as genuine if the document is..

(a) Registered
(b) Produced from proper custody
(c) About public interest stamped
(d) Which evidence is generally inadmissible
Answer: B Produced from proper custody

2. Direct evidence is a…

(a) Direct evidence
(b) Hearsay evidence
(c) Circumstantial evidence
(d) Secondary evidence
Answer: B hearsay evidence

3.  Specific Relief Act was enacted in the year?

(a) 1871
(b) 1877
(c) 1881
(d) 1887
Answer: B 1877

4. Penal Code was enacted in the year?

(a) 1998
(b) 1860
(c)  1870
(d)  1880
Answer: B 1860
5. Penal Code Falls in the category of?
(a) Substantive law
(b) Social disciplinary law
(c)  Reformative law
(d) Procedure law
Answer: A Substantive law

6. Which section of the penal Code provides for liability arising form common intention?

(a) 109
(b) 141
(c) 149
(d) 34
Answer: D 34

7. Acts of a child Below which age Is exempted from punishment under the Penal Code ?

(a) 7 years
(b) 8 years
(c) 9 years
(d) 12 years
Answer: C 9 years

8. Which expression occurs in the penal code indication means rea?

(a)Guilty mind
(b)Criminal mind
(c) Good Faith
(d) Dishonestly
Answer: A Guilty mind

9. Right of private defense under penal code extends to killing the offender in case of-

(a) Defamation
(b) House breaking at night
(c) Hurt
(d) sedition
Answer: B house breaking at night

10.For constituting an unlawful assembly, the penal Code requires presence3 of a least-

(a)3 persons
(b)4 persons
(c)5 persons
(d)6 persons
Answer: C  5 Person

Bangladesh Bar Council Model MCQ Part-3

1. Valuation of a suit is state in the plaint for determination of-

(a) Court’s jurisdiction
(b) Process fee
(c) Limit of property
(d) Income TAX payable
Answer: a Court Jurisdiction

2. What is the effect of not mentioning the cause of action in the plaint?

(a) Rejection of plaint
(b) Return of plaint
(c) Dismissal of suit
(d) Suit continues
Answer: B Return of plaint

3. If the disputed land is in two districts, the suit to be filed in the court of-

(a) Plaintiff’s district
(b) Defendant’s district
(c) Third district
(d) Andy of the two districts
Answer: D Any of the two districts

4. If supporting documents mentioned in the plaint is not plaintiff’s possession he is to file.

(a) Copies there of
(b) List there of
(c)  List of documents and person possessing
(d) Nothing
Answer: C list of documents and person possessing

5. If the facts state in plaint are not specially denied by defendant in the written statement, those facts are deemed to be-

(a) Admitted
(b) Subject to counter evidence
(c) Denied
(d) Proved
Answer: A admitted

6. Which one cannot be attached before judgment?

(a) Land
(b) Share of a company
(c) Money kept in bank
(d) Crops
Answer: D Crops

7. The effect of violation of temporary injunction is-

(a) 6 months simple imprisonment
(b) Fine
(c) 6 months civil imprisonment
(d) None
Answer: C 6 Month civil imprisonment

8. The effect of filing a civil suit in a wrong court I

(a)Dismissal of the suit
(b) Plaint return
(c) Plaint rejection
(d) Transfer of the suit to a proper court
Answer: B Plaint return

9. The remand  against a temporary injecting granted by Assistant judge is-

(a) Appeal
(b) Revision
(c) Writ petition
(d) None
Answer: A appeal

10.Which section of the CPC confers general power on the civil court regarding civil suits?

(a) 2
(b) 9
(c)  11
(d) 151
Answer: B 9

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Part-4

1.  Provisions relation to judicial magistrates were inserted in Cr.P.C in the year-

(a)  1998
(b) 1999
(c)  2007
(d) 2008
Answer: C 2007

2. Number of the AIN classes of magistrates under Cr.P.C is?

(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 6
Answer: B 2

3. What is the maximum amount of fine that can be imposed a metropolitan magistrate?

(a)  TK.5,000
(b) TK.3,000
(c)  TK.10,000
(d) Tk.2,000
Answer: C TK.10,000

4.  Where a joint session’s judge imposes 7 years sentence, appeal lies to?

(a) Sessions judge
(b) Special Tribunal
(c) High Court Divison
(d) Special judge
Answer: C High Court Division

5. An appeal against the penalty imposed by a Magistrate 1st Class lies to?

(a) Chief Judicial Magistrate
(b) Sessions Judge
(c) Additional judge
(d) High Court Division
Answer: B Sessions Judge

6. Which one is not a procedural law?

(a) CPC
(b) Evidence Act
(c) Specific Relief Act
(d)  Limitation Act
Answer: C specific Relief Act

7.  Which court can exercise original jurisdiction in a case under section 107 Cr.P.C?

(a) Chief Metropolitan Magistrate
(b) Sessions Judge
(c)1st Class Magistrate
(d) District Magistrate
Answer: D District Magistrate

8. Appellate Division Delivered judgment in the case of Masdar Hossain in the year-

(a) 1999
(b)  2000
(c)  2001
(d)  2007
Answer: D 2007

9. Which of the following cases involving breach of peach may call for exercise of the power under section 145, Cr.P.C

(a) Public nuisance
(b) Labor discontent
(c) Land dispute over possession
(d) Unfair means in examination hall
Answer: C Land dispute over possession

10.Generally the duration of an order passed under section 144, Cr.Pc is

(a) 6 months
(b)1 years
(c) 2 month
(d) 30 days
Answer: 2 Month

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Part-5

1. For constitution the offense of dacoit, the penal code requires participation of  at least-

(a) 3 Parson
(b) 4 Parson
(c) 5 Parson
(d) 7 Parson
Answer: C 5 Parson

2. On instigation of X, a public servant Y misappropriates money on his custody. What penalty may be imposed on X?

(a) On penalty
(b) Equal penalty as on Y
(c) Half  of the penalty of y
(d) Double the penalty of Y
Answer: B equal penalty as on Y

3. Which one is a grievous hurt under penal Code?

(a) Bleeding injury on leg
(b) Injury on hand
(c) Permanent bruise on back
(d) Broken tooth
Answer: D broken tooth

4. X takes abroad a 15 year old boy with his consent and for his study. What offense is committed by X under penal Code?

(a) Kidnapping
(b) Child trafficking
(c) Wrongful confinement
(d) Human trafficking
Answer: A kidnapping

5. There can be not theft of-

(a) Cash money
(b) Furniture
(c) Land
(d) Ornament
Answer: C land

6. Which section of the penal code defines Creation?

(c) 415
(d) 401
Answer: C 415

7. What is the maximum penalty of theft of a watch from a shop?

(a) 6 months
(b) 1 years
(c) 3 years
(d) 5 years
Answer: C 3 years

8. Penalty under which section of penal code is not death?

(a) 302
(b) 302
(c) 304
Answer: C 304

9. X makes allegation to than that his brother Y has copied their father’s signature in blank paper. What offense is this under penal code?

(b) Criminal breach of trust
(c) Cheating
Answer: A Forgery

10. How many kinds of kidnapping as specifiable in the penal Code?

(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 4
Answer: A 2

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Part-6

1.  The Bangladesh Bar Council is a-

(a) Constitutional body
(b) Statutory body
(c) Elected body
(d) Cooperative society
Answer: B Statutory body

2. Which one is beyond the scope of the Bangladesh Bar Council

(a) Awarding certificate
(b) Professional misconduct
(c) Promoting legal education
(d) Legal aid
Answer: D legal Aid

3. Number of the members of the Bar council is-

(c) 16
Answer: A 15

4. An appeal against the decision of removal of an advocate from practices lies to-

(a) Appellate Division
(b) Attorney General
(c) High Court Division
(d) Law minister
Answer: C High Court Division

5. Minimum age of a candidate for enrollment as an advocate is-

(a)18 years
(b) 21 years
(c) 25 years
(d) 30 years
Ans: B 21 years

6. The requisite of an accused before police is admissible as evidence in court, it-

(a) 5 years
(b) 8 years
(c) 10 years
(d) 12 years
Answer: C 10 years

7. Confession of an accused before police is admissible as evidence in court,it-

(a) Made in presence of magistrate
(b) Made in p presence
(c) It leads to recovery of alamat
(d) Made voluntarily
Answer: C It leads to recovery of alamat

8. Dying declaration of a parson I admissible as evidence in respect of?

(a) Cause of his death
(b) Gift of his property
(c) His identity
(d) His marriage
Answer: A cause of his death

9. Which one is primary evidence?

(a) Photocopy
(b) Daily news paper
(c) Photograph of a material
(d) Attested copy
Answer: Photograph of a material

10.Which one is public document-

(a) Published poem
(b) Published letter
(c) Plaint of a case
(d) Will
Answer: C paint of a case

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Part-7

1. Effect to filing a civil case beyond limitation period is/

(a) rejection of plaint
(b) Return of plaint
(c)Dismissal of suit
(d)Cancellation of court fee
Answer: C dismissal of suit

2. In which case limitation cannot be condoned?

(a) Appeal
(b) Revision
(c) Review
(d)Declaration of title
Answer: D Declaration of title

3. The additional period of limitation that a minor can avail for filing a civil case is-

(a) 3 years
(b) 6 years
(c) Up to 21 years
(d) Up to majority
Answer: D up to majority

4. The limitation for filing a suit for recovery of possession without declaration of title is?

(a)  6 month
(b)3 years
(c) 6 years
(d) 12 years
Answer:   A 6
5. In an appeal, the limitation periods is extended by addition of the time spent of?
(a) Appointing lawyer
(b) Stay in prison
(c) Sickness
(d) Collecting judgment copy
Answer: Collecting Judgment copy

6. Which one is beyond the scope of the Specific Relief Act?

(a) Enforcement of contract
(b) Injunction
(c)Title declaration
(d)Monetary compensation
Answer: D Monetary compensation

7. Matters to be proved for recovery of possession under section-9 Specific Relief Act are-

(a)Title & possession
(c)Possession & dispossession
(d) Title
Answer:  C Possession & dispossession

8. Any person, whose status as college principal is denied, can seek relief under of the Specific Relief Act under-

(a) Section -9
(b) 54
(c)  34
(d) 42
Answer: D section-42

9. How many types of injunction are mentioned in the Specific Relief Act-

(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) None
Answer: B 3

10.Contract for which of the following is not enforceable through court?

(a) Sale of land
(b) Road construction
(c) Performance of movie
Answer: C performance of movie

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

1. In case of none bail able offence, which one may be considered by court in granting bail under section 497, Cr.PC

(a) Financial hardship
(b) Educational qualification
(c) Sickness of close relative
(d) Infirmity of accused
Answer: D infirmity of accused

2.A session judge can exercise provisional power in respect of

(a) Magistrates order of conviction
(b) Magistrates order of discharge
(c)Additional Sessions judge; order
(d)Inadequacy of sentence
Answer: B

3.The law establishing the Bar council is a

(a) President’s order
(b) Ordinance
Answer: A president’s order

4. The number of members of the Bar Council to be elected on group basis is?

(a) 7
(b) 8
(c) 9
Answer: A 7

5. In a district, transfer of case from one Judicial Magistrate’s Court to another Judicial Magistrate’s Court may be made by?

(a) Chief judicial Magistrate
(b) Chief Metropolitan Magistrate
(c) Magistrate,1st class
(d)District Magistrate
Answer: A Chief Judicial Magistrate

6. Chairman of the Bangladesh Bar Council is ?

(a) Appointed by t he President
(b) District Magistrate
(c) Elected
(d) The attorney General, ex officio
Answer: D The attorney General, ex officio

7. Notes of how many civil cases are to be recorded in the Pupilage Diary of an applicant for enrolment as advocate?

(a) 10
(b) 5
(c) 6
Answer: B 5

8. Who may, under Cr.PC, order a person to execute a bond for his good behavior?

(a)District Magistrate
(b) Magistrate of 1st Class
(c) OC Police Station
(d)Chief Judicial Magistrate
Answer: A District Magistrate

9. The number of tiers of judges in a Session Court is?

(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5
Answer: B 3

10. Executing of death sentence passed by a sessions judge is subject ot confirmation by the

(a) President
(b) High Court Division
(c) Appellate Division
(d) Prime Minister
Answer: B High Court Division

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

1.Which provision of the CPC constrains the list a of apple abele order?

(a) Section 96
(b) Order43 rule1
(c) Section 106
(d) Order 41 rule 1   
Answer: B Order 43 rule 1

2. In which court a civil revision may be filed against an order Passed Additional District Judge?

(a) District Judge
(b) Appellate Division
(c) High Court Division
(d) Special Judge
Answer: C Appellate Division

3. In which court a case may be filed for review of a judgment passed by a civil court?

(a) Same court
(b)Other equivalent court
(c) High Court Division
(d) Applets Court
Answer: A  Some court

4.The principal reason for filing a revision against the decision of a civil court is-

(a)Error of law
(b)Wrong decision
(c) Mistake of fact
(d) Error of law coursing injustice
Answer: D Error of law causing injustice

5. The decision of the rejection of a plain under CPC is-

(a) An order
(b) A preliminary decision
(c) A decree
(d)The final decision
Answer: C A decree

6. The power of a civil Court under section 151 CPC is called-

(a)Special power
(b) General power
(c) Inherent power
(d) Appellate power
Answer: C inherent power

7. The meaning of pleadings under CPC is ?

(a) Affidavit
(b) Plaint & written statement
(c) Allegation
(d) Argument
Answer: plaint & written statement

8. A plaint of a civil suit filed through and advocate is require to be signge by-

(a) Advocate
(b) Plaintiffs agent
(c)  Plaintiff
(d) Advocate & plaintiffs agent

Answer: D advocate & plaintiff’s agent

9. Verification of a written statement filed by defendant through advocate is to be signed by-

(a) Advocate
(b) Advocate’s clerk
(c) Any person
(d) Person acquainted with the written statement
Answer: D Person acquainted with the written statement

10. Plaint may be amended-

(a) Before issue framing
(b) Before trial
(c) At any stage
(d) Before argument
Answer: C At any stage

Bangladesh Bar Council MCQ Preparation

1. Under which section of Cr.PC police may arrest without warrant?

(a) 154
(b) 54
(c) 160
(d) 167
Answer: B 54

2. A police officer can detain an arrested for a maximum period of ?

(a) 48 hours
(b) 72 hours
(c) 24 hours
(d) 30 hours
Answer: C 24 hours

3. FIR is the acronym of?

(a) First inspection Report
(b) Final inquest Report
(c) First inspection Report
(d) First information Report
Answer: D

4. On investigation finds no prima facie truth of allegation his report is called-

(a) Release Report
(b) Chare Sheet
(c) Final Report
(d) Discharge Report
Answer: C Final Report

5. On a complaint a magistrate examines the complaint under which section of Cr. PC/

(a) 190
(b) 200
(c) 201
(d) 202
Answer: B 200

6. When the complainant is absent on a fixed date after issue of summons in a complaint case, the court may pass order for?

(a) Issuing warrant
(b) Dismissal of  complaint
(c) Acquittal of accused
(d) Discharge of accused
Answer: C Acquittal of accused

7. At which stage of a criminal case can an accused apply for his discharge?

(a) Cognizance of offence
(b) Framing charge
(c) After framing charge
(d) After recording evidence
Answer: B framing charge

8. In a criminal case, the responsibility of framing charge is of the-

(a) Complainant
(b) Public prosecutor
(c) Court
(d) Police
Answer: B public prosecutor

9. In a criminal case, which aspect of the offence is not required to be mentioned in a charge?

(a) Time
(b) Place
(c) Law
(d) Punishment
Answer: C law

10. In a case of bail able offence, the accused in entitled to get bail as a-

(a) Fundamental right.
(b) Constitutional right.
(c) Civic right.
(d) Legal right.
Answer: D legal right

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