HSC Board Challenge Result 2019 & Re-Scrutiny System

HSC Board Challenge Result 2019 & Re-Scrutiny System

HSC Board Challenge Result 2019 & Re-Scrutiny System

Results of HSC 2019 The Board Challenge process is also known as the recovery process. Here we discuss the effects of the HSC 2019 Board Challenge and the rehabilitation process.

HSC Board Challenge Result 2019 & Re-Scrutiny System

What Is Rescrutiny Or Board Challenge?

Many students did not get the expected results after the results of the HSC were published. However, they are confident about the HSC test result. In that case, they may challenge the board of directors to reexamine the results of HSC. This process is known as the HSC review process or board challenge.

After requesting the reconsideration according to the procedure below, the Board of Education re-examines the examination. When it changes, they are published on the website. We collect challenging results from the Board of Education's HSC board. The results of the SSB challenge can be found here in 2019.

Crucial Date Of The HSC Board Challenge Method:

If you want to re-examine the result, you must keep a specific time. Just Wait and visit our website for Board Challenges all News Details.

The Khata Challenge process begins: August 2, 019
The review process ends in September 2019

Rescrutiny Or Board Challenge

HSC Results Review Process:

The Board of Education has amended an application process for paper review exams. If you are not familiar with the results of HSC 2019, you can apply through the following method.
  • Go to Message Option
  • Type RSC and Press Space Bar
  • Type First three letter of your Education Board
  • Press Space
  • Type the Roll Number of HSC Exam 2019
  • Put Space
  • Type Subject Code

Send it to 16222 Number.

After sending the message, you will receive a confirmation message with a PIN number. Request this message confirmation message.

  • Again go to the Message Option.
  • Type RSC and Put Space
  • Write YES and Press Space Bar
  • Type Pin Number and Press Space
  • Write Contact Number

Example of First SMS: RSC CTG 13457 123

Second SMS Format: RSC YES 987654 017000000000

Education Board Keyword For Rescrutiny: 

  • Dhaka – DHA
  • Rajshahi – RAJ
  • Comilla -COM
  • Jessore – JES
  • Chittagong – CHI
  • Barisal – BAR
  • Sylhet – SYL
  • Dinajpur – DIN
  • Madrasah – MAD
  • Technical – TEC

HSC Subject Code: 

There are many subjects in the HSC exam. The topics for research in science, industry, and business are different. Here we are making a list of all the issues with your code.

  • Bangla 1st–101
  • Bangla 2nd–102
  • English 1st–107
  • English 2nd–108
  • Economics 1st–109
  • Economics 2nd–110
  • Social Science 1st–117
  • Social Science 2nd–118
  • Social Work 1st–119
  • Social Work 2nd–120
  • Logic 1st–121
  • Logic 2nd–122
  • Psychology 1st–123
  • Psychology 2nd–124
  • Geography 1st–125
  • Geography 2nd–126
  • Math 1st–127
  • Math 2nd–128
  • Statistics 1st–129
  • Statistics 2nd–130
  • Physics 1st–174
  • Physics 2nd–175
  • Chemistry 1st–176
  • Chemistry 2nd–177
  • Biology 1st–178
  • Biology 2nd–179
  • Economic And Commercial Geography 1st–188
  • Economic And Commercial Geography 2nd–189
  • Islamic History and Culture 1st–214
  • Islamic History and Culture 2nd–215
  • Babosai Niti O Proyog 1st–229
  • Babosai Niti O Proyog 2nd–230
  • Babosai Uddog 1st–231
  • Babosai Uddog 2nd–232
  • Orthayon Udpadon O Biponon 1st–233
  • Orthayon Udpadon O Biponon 2nd–234
  • Sacheebic Bidda 1st–235
  • Sacheebic Bidda 2nd–236
  • Computer Education 1st–237
  • Computer Education 2nd–238
  • History 1st Part(elective-1)–241
  • History 1st Part(elective-2)–242
  • History 2nd Part(elective-1)–243
  • History 2nd Part(elective-2)–244
  • Islamic Studies 1st–249
  • Islamic Studies 2nd–250
  • Accounting 1st–253
  • Accounting 2nd–254
  • Higher Math 1st–265
  • Higher Math 2nd–266
  • Islamic History 1st–267
  • Islamic History 2nd–268
  • Civics 1st–269
  • Civics 2nd–270
  • ICT–275
  • Babosai Songotthon O Babosthapona 1st–277
  • Babosai Songotthon O Babosthapona 2nd–278
  • Utpadon Babosthapona O Biponon 1st–286
  • Utpadon Babosthapona O Biponon 2nd–287
  • History 1st–304
  • History 2nd–305

For each subject, students will have to give 125 BDT to re-test. 250 BD for Bengali and English candidates.

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