How To Get EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

How To Get EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

How To Get EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

Eastern Bank Ltd

Eastern Bank Ltd

Eastern Bank Limited is a private commercial bank headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established on August 8, 1992, as a public limited company with limited liability under the Bank Companies Act of 1991. Its share are listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange. Wikipedia
  • Customer service: 02-8332232
  • Headquarters: Dhaka
  • CEO: Ali Reza Iftekhar (2007–)
  • Number of employees: 3,000
  • Founded: 1992, Dhaka
  • Subsidiaries: EBL Securities Ltd., EBL Finance (HK) Limited

EBL Credit Cards

  • EBL Classic Credit Card
  • EBL VISA Gold Credit Card
  • EBL VISA Platinum Credit Card
  • Signature
  • Diners Club Credit Card
  • EBL Mastercard Titanium Credit Card
  • EBL MasterCard World Credit Card
  • EBL Corporate Cards

EBL Debit Cards List

  • Debit Card
  • Global Debit Card
  • Signature Debit
  • EBL Visa Business Debit Card

EBL Prepaid Cards List

  • EBL Hajj Card
  • Life Style Prepaid Card
  • EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card
  • EBL Diners Club International Global Prepaid Card
  • Express Prepaid
  • Payroll Prepaid

Bank credit card

There is a lot of problem with credit cards from banks. And not everyone gets it. Because to get a credit card, you have to make a good pay job. There are many papers and documents in addition to this. Which means that opening an account in any bank and receiving a credit card is not the same. Credit card costs are generally more than any card and there are many types of hidden (hidden) charges. Moreover, whenever you are going to use International Payment, you must have a dollar endorsement in the passport. That is, your passport along with the card will be there.

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card is EMV Chip card, bundled with a host of benefits. This will ensure more security, convenience and flexibility for making your everyday spending with a single card. One can buy it from any of EBL Branch which one will get instantly on depositing money. You can avail this card from any EBL Branches without having any account. You can also reload money whenever it's necessary.

Features Of EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

  • Dual Currency EMV Prepaid Card
  • Discount facilities at over hundreds of partnered merchants countrywide
  • Getting faster access to funds globally 24x7
  • International and local shopping
  • Banking without any bank account
  • Round the clock cash withdrawal facility worldwide at large MasterCard ATM network
  • Absolutely free Cash withdrawal from any EBL ATM
  • Accessing to shops & restaurants throughout the globe
  • Paying bills online
  • Absolutely free reloading
  • Transaction Alert

Quick Facts for EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

  1. Acceptance: Throughout the globe
  2. Currency: BDT & USD
  3. Validity: 3 years (Renewable)

Eligibility for EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

  1. Must be a Bangladeshi national
  2. Minimum 18 years of age

Document Requirements For EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card

  1. Completed EBL Prepaid Card Application Form
  2. Recent Passport Size Photograph of Applicant
  3. Valid Photo ID (NID or Passport)

How to Apply for EBL Aqua MasterCard

  1. Contact a Card Division at a branch of your nearest Eastern Bank Limited. Tell the person in charge that you are interested in taking the Eastern Bank's Aqua Prepaid Master Card. He will give you several forms. Complete all forms carefully. When opening a simple bank account, you will need to fill in the same type of form that is filled in. If you have any problem understanding then take help from the officer in charge.
  2. When completing forms, notice that you are completing the form "E-Commerce Enrollment Form". Because if you make international payments with it, it is mandatory for you to complete the E-Commerce Enrollment Form. If you do not complete it, you can not make payments to the USD currency.
  3. After submitting all the documents, verification takes 7-10 days (here the day is meant to be working day). After verification, you will receive a message in your mobile number given on the form. If you do not receive a message within 10 days, then get updates by phone at Eastern Bank Limited's Customer Care number 16230.

How to recharge USD at EBL Aqua Card

  • Once the documents are verified, go to the bank's card division with the passport and how much money you want to recharge. At first, get dollar endorsement in the passport. In accordance with the rules of the Bangladesh government, SAARC will be able to make the maximum of 5,000 USD and the maximum SAARC countries can endorse 7000 USD. If you do not have any problems then you can increase it later.
  • Now let's do the dollar recharge. This is not something very difficult. You must first enter your name in the deposit slip, keep the account number empty. On the card number location, you will enter the full number of cards. There will be 2 options for USD and BDT in the currency space. You will get USD select/tick mark.
  • The submission period, the submission of the cash counter at the time of submission will convince you that you are submitting money in the dollar part. One thing to note is that the dollar rate is different for several days. So, how much money will be received if you submit it, it can not be sure beforehand.
  • You can know the day-to-day dollar rate for an officer at the counter. But the dollar rate does not fluctuate too much. There is a rate of around 80 rupees. For example, today's dollar rate is $ 1 =BDT 83.19.
  • Now all the work of the bank is over. It may take 2/1 days from the dollar endorse in the passport. But before starting the transaction, once you open your account foreign country by calling customer care. Once this happens, you can start transacting.

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card FAQ

Who can avail EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

Any Bangladeshi national with Minimum age of 18 years. 

How to avail EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card can be obtained from any EBL branch with required documents, filled up form and KYC. 

What are the documents required to avail EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

An eligible individual would require 1 copy of National ID Card/ Passport/ Driving License, 1 copy passport size photograph, filled up EBL Prepaid Card Application Form and KYC (Know Your Customer) Form. 

What is the maximum card re-load/withdrawal limit?

Maximum re-load limit:

  • BDT 100,000 per day from Branch
  • BDT 20,000 per day from Internet Banking/EBL Dropbox
  • KYC is mandatory for Re-load above BDT 20,000
  • USD Reload is subject to Endorsement 
  • Up to USD 7,000 in Non-SAARC countries & 
  • Up to USD 5,000 in SAARC countries

Daily Withdrawal Limit:

  1. POS: BDT 40,000 in 6 transactions
  2. ATM: BDT 50,000 in 6 transactions

What is the E-Commerce transaction limit for EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

Daily E-Commerce Transaction Limit:

  • BDT 40,000 in 4 transactions
  • USD Equivalent to BDT 40,000 (up to a maximum of USD 300 per transaction) 

Is there any charge/fee applicable for initial loading or reloading?

- No. The initial load and reloading is absolutely free of charge. 

Is there any annual fee related to the card?

- No. The card has a one-time issuance fee which is applicable for the validity period of 3 years. 

What is the validity of the Card?

3 Years (Renewable on Demand)

What are the fees related to the card?

Issuance Fee - BDT 500 + VAT (15% as of now)

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee

  • At all EBL ATMs: BDT 0.00 (No withdrawal fees)
  • At all MasterCard ATMs: BDT 25.00 + VAT (15% as of now)
  • At NPSB enabled ATMs: BDT 15 (including VAT)
  • Transaction Alert Fee - BDT 200.00 + VAT (15% as of now)
  • Card Replacement Fee - BDT 500.00 + VAT (15% as of now)
  • PIN Replacement Fee - BDT 500.00 + VAT (15% as of now)

How to Replace/Renew EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

The cardholder can request for replacement or renewal through any EBL Branch.

How will the card be activated?

Activation of the card will be done after submission of the signed acknowledgement slip at any EBL Branch. The Card will be activated within 48-hours after submission. 

Will the cardholder be eligible for any discounts?

The cardholder will be eligible for EBL Advantage discount offers and discount facilities at over 1,300 MasterCard partnered merchants countrywide. 

What are the prerequisites to perform international transactions?

A cardholder needs to endorse his/her passport against the card and load the desired amount in USD portion of the card.

How to perform international e-commerce transactions with EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

Passport is required to be endorsed, USD amount is to be loaded to the card and Online Declaration Form is required to be filled up in order to perform international e-commerce transactions with EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card.

Is there any transaction fee applicable for e-commerce international transactions?

No. E-commerce transactions are free of charges for both BDT and USD.

How to convert currency amount?

Currency can be converted through any EBL branch at the specified rate of that day. 

Can the unused fund of the card be cashed?

The unused fund of the card can be cashed out with a refund fee of BDT 100 or 1% of the unused amount (whichever is higher).

How to perform BDT E-Commerce transactions with EBL MasterCard Aqua Prepaid Card?

Cardholder requires to fill up Online Declaration Form.
Passport is mandatory for endorsement for International Transactions
EBL reserves the right to request additional document(s) to ensure due diligence. 

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