BEST FRIEND 2 | Farhan Ahmed Jovan | Tanjin Tisha | Probir Roy Chowdhury | Bangla New Eid Natok 2019

BEST FRIEND 2 | Farhan Ahmed Jovan | Tanjin Tisha | Probir Roy Chowdhury | Bangla New Eid Natok 2019

  • Natok: BEST FRIEND 2
  • Director: Probir Roy Chowdhury
  • Produced: Fakhrul Riya
  • Starring: Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Tanjin Tisha, Monoj Pramanik, Shahid Un Nabi, Shagor Huda, Shejuti Islam, 
  • Story: Probir Roy Chowdhury
  • Language: Bengali
  • Label: Cd Choice

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  • Category: Entertainment

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