Expan Drive - Super-Fast, Multi-cloud Storage Network Drive and Browser

Expan Drive - Super-Fast, Multi-cloud Storage Network Drive and Browser

ExpanDrive - Super-Fast, Multi-cloud Storage Network Drive and Browser

Expan Drive - Super-Fast, Multi-cloud Storage Network Drive and Browser
ExpanDrive - Super-Fast, Multi-cloud Storage Network Drive and Browser


ExpanDrive is a distributed file system client for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux that facilitates mapping of local volume to many different types of Cloud Storage. When a server is mounted with ExpanDrive any program can read, write, and manage remote files as if they were stored locally. Wikipedia

  • License: Proprietary
  • Developer(s): ExpanDrive, Inc
  • Operating system: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux

ExpanDrive - Super-Fast, Multi-cloud Storage Network Drive and Browser

Those of us who work online or often use computers, separate memory, pen drives, etc. to store our important data. What do you do if your computer or laptop crashes for any reason or all the files are lost in a hard disk crash? How much better it would be if you could store that data online in a host. Computers or laptops are not permanent. If your computer laptop is lost or damaged for any reason, you will lose important information. Using online cloud storage is very important for your security.

There are currently numerous cloud storage services. Most of them offer premium space as well as free space. And so you may be using different companies' accounts for different cloud storage services. However, the main problem with using different cloud storage services is not being able to manage all the cloud storage from one central place. As a result, it is very difficult to find which file is in which cloud storage. You have to manage this multi-cloud storage, from a central location, with the remarkable cross-platform software ExpanDrive.

ExpanDrive - a Multi-Cloud Storage Software

ExpanDrive is a fast network drive and browser for multi-cloud storage. ExpanDrive lets you securely access cloud storage from any application. Suppose you want to use cloud storage for data storage. But you do not know how to use. No worries, you can get the solution with ExpanDrive.

ExpanDrive's feature

Built-in Finder and Explorer

ExpanDrive connects you to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, SFTP, Box, OneDrive, Finder, and SharePoint. You will not need any additional app for all this. During your critical work, ExpanDrive integrates cloud storage with every application your computer needs, such as Office 365, Photoshop, and VS code.

Smart Offline Sync

Expand Drive allows you to access files offline. You do not need an internet connection for this. If you come online, it will be Automatic Sync. All you need is your data. Sync files will give you access to cloud storage without occupying any space on your computer or laptop.

Linux supported in all variants

ExpanDrive connects you with native cloud storage access for Linux and many more, including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Cents, Red Hat.

Integrated Search feature

ExpanDrive lets you search for files stored on your Mac and Windows. You can quickly search your remote storage for what you are looking for. With the integrated storage browser you will also get the facility to search files on the server-side.

Multi-User File Locking

With the help of ExpanDrive, you can collaborate with Microsoft Office files in your cloud and do editing work. If a user has edited a file, the file will remain locked until that user stops editing so that other users can only read that file. As a result, the same file will not be edited by different users at the same time Editing Conflict.

File Version Management

Expand Drive allows you to easily access older versions of supported cloud storage, including Box, Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint. That means you can access revision of different files.

Connected to any cloud storage

ExpanDrive allows you to connect one or more cloud storage, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive and Google Team Driving
  • Amazon Drive
  • Box
  • OneDrive and OneDrive for business
  • SharePoint
  • Nextcloud
  • Wasabi
  • Backblaze B2
  • SFTP / FTP, WebDAV
  • SMB / Windows file sharing

Connection of cloud storage with any application

ExpanDrive: Google, Dropbox, Amazon S3, SharePoint all connect to the cloud storage of each application on your computer, creating a secure connection from the system to the cloud, allowing you to save files directly to your cloud storage from any application on your computer.

Superfast Background Uploads

Expan Drive has a multi-threaded connection engine that works up to 500% faster than previous versions. Now you don't have to stop uploading files. You can do everything else in the cloud with the help of Super Fast Background Upload.

ExpanDrive trial and pro version

Trial version

After downloading and installing the trial version of ExpanDrive, you will be allowed to use it for up to 7 days. Then if you like it, you have to buy the pro version and use it.

Pro version

ExpanDrive Pro version you can use for life. In the case of online work, the Pro version will help you to do your daily tasks easily.

ExpanDrive Pro can be used by one user. The fee is $ 49.95 which is about 4218 Bangladeshi Taka. There are also lifetime licenses and customized licenses as per your requirements.

You can use the Pro version according to the pack required for your computer or laptop.

How to use ExpanDrive

  • First download ExpanDrive.
  • Once downloaded, open the run as administrator by right-clicking on the download file location of the computer or laptop.
  • Once installed, open ExpanDrive and you will see all the cloud icons.
  • Click on the icon of your choice for the cloud you use or for those who are new to the cloud. For example, I like Google Drive, so I clicked on the Google Drive icon.
  • Then log in with your Gmail ID and password. And those who are new can take a new account if they want.
  • Click on Allow.
  • Wait for it to connect.
  • Once connected, save your cloud by default or customize it.

Then you will see that a new cloud drive partition has been added to the Windows partition drive. No worries, it won't take up any space on your computer or laptop.

Your cloud has been added to ExpanDrive. Now you can access all your cloud from ExpanDrive if you want.

Add the cloud you need one by one. After adding, you will see your files by clicking on the folder icon on the cloud drive.

Now by clicking This Pc you will see the cloud drive on your computer or laptop. From here you can also access your files offline.

Download ExpanDrive

ExpanDrive software can be downloaded and used by Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Download the ExpanDrive software to use the time. Download @ ExpanDrive Official

Last word
ExpanDrive's fast and smooth installation, light weight interface, all the great features, the convenience of using the background, I thought it was great.

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