Jaiba Tumi | New Song 2019 | Samz Vai | Official Video | যাইবা তুমি | Bangla Song 2019

Jaiba Tumi | New Song 2019 | Samz Vai | Official Video | যাইবা তুমি | Bangla Song 2019

Jaiba Tumi, Eagle Music brings a new sad song for Bengali music lovers. Presenting official music video of Jaiba Tumi Porer Ghore : যাইবা তুমি exclusively only on eagle music's special music video channel "Eagle Music Video Station".

Produced by Kachi Ahmed.
  • 🎵 Song: Jaiba Tumi ( যাইবা তুমি )
  • 🎵 Singer: Samz Vai
  • 🎵 Lyrics: Yeasin Rubel &  Samz Vai
  • 🎵 Tune: Samz Vai
  • 🎵 Music: Ankur Mahamud

❀ Starring: Afjal Sujon & Ishana Adrija ❀
  • 📽️ DoP: Rajon Hossain Romm
  • 📽️ Edit: Imratul Islam
  • 📽️ Color: Shamim Hossain
  • 📽️ Graphic Design: Nadia
  • 📽️ Production: Sumon
  • 📽️ Makeover: Forhad
  • 📽️ Light Gaffer: Nobir
  • 📽️ Story: Eagle Team
  • 🏷️ Label: Eagle Music
  • 📽️ Directed by Eagle Team

Many people are writing wrong as 
Premer Name Ovinoy 
প্রেমের নামে অভিনয় তুই ভালোই জানিস রে 
Premer Nam Ovinoy Ta Valoi Jano Re 
জাইবা তুমি পরের ঘরে
Jayba Tumi
যাইবা তুমি পরের ঘরে
Premer Nam Ovinoy Ta Valoi Jano Re
Lal Benaroshi Shari Pore Jabe Amai Chari
Valobeshe Dilam Thai 

The only one corrects it's Jaiba Tumi .
And his hits Ghum Valobashi and Ki Maya Lagaili .

#JaibaTumi #SamzVai #EagleMusic
#AnkurMahamud #EagleTeam
  • Category: Entertainment

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