The Best Project Management App

The Best Project Management App

The Best Project Management App

The Best Project Management App
Best Project Management Software

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When it comes to managing a project, it is important to work as a professional. Working with a pen in hand or saving on a computer or mobile notepad is never the ideal way. Notepad will never help you manage your project properly. More powerful project management apps and web tools can be used to organize and handle your projects.

Although not every tool is tailored to your specific needs, here are some popular project management tools in this tune that you must check out! Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let's explore everything.


I have to put Asana at the top of my list because this app is very easy to use and its user interface will be memorized once you see it. This app is so beautiful and well-organized that you and everyone in your project can easily organize projects together at the right time.

You can easily sort tasks into different categories and easily assign tasks to project team members. You can add deadlines to any task, and adding project files and documents to tasks is as easy as water. You can also easily make conversations in Asana, it will be possible to keep track of team members. ASANA

Asana has a text chatting system that makes managing your project more important than calling or voice chat. This chat data can help you as a reference not only for one time but also in case of any future problem. While the free version is enough to handle smaller projects, the premium version offers the ability to add up to 15 members and more in-depth reporting. You can control tasks from any Internet browser using a web-based application. There is also an app version for smartphones.

Click here for easy access from a web browser. Asana has a dedicated app for Android phones, which you can download from here. No worries, there are apps for iOS users too, just click here!

Trello is my second favorite, here the tasks are broken down into different card systems, which is really awesome. Trello is super easy to use and looks a lot like a to-do-list app. Of course, you can add files, images, videos, and more with the project. The best part is that whether you use the app or the web-based version, you can work offline. When you go online, the data you have saved will be synced with all the devices.

Project Management Software

You can use the basic version of the trailer for free. However, using this paid version, it will be possible to unlock all the great features. The paid version will allow you to add many project members, a large team management system, a separate dashboard for everyone, and more.

Click here to use the web version. You can download the Android app here and the iOS app here.


BaseCamp 3 is able to give you all the benefits you can expect from a project manager app. I would say that BaseCamp 3 will provide you with more than just a simple project management app. As its special features, file sharing, tasks, calendar, file storage, and chat sessions will always keep you and your project in focus.

Teachers and students can use this tool for free. If your business is large, BaseCamp 3 offers a flat rate price, for $ 99 /month or $ 999/year. It has both apps and browser versions. Click here for the web version, here for the Android app, here for iOS, here for MacOS, for Windows 7 and above!

Microsoft Project

At the end of this list, I would definitely recommend trying Microsoft Project Manager at least once. This software has been in stock since about 1984 and has more than 20 million users. You don't have to worry about how big Microsoft is, it is used by many big companies in the world as the first choice to manage their projects.

Free Project Management Tools

It is added with Microsoft Office, you can just pay for it if you want to use it. Since this is a Microsoft thing, it will run smoothly on the Windows operating system. Unfortunately, it is not available for different platforms. Users above Windows 8 can download the software from here.

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