Best 5 Android Apps Not Found in Google Play store

Best 5 Android Apps Not Found in Google Play store

Best 5 Android Apps Not Found in Google Play store
Best 5 Android Apps Not Found in Google Play store

Today here we will let you know about the applications which is best for android but not available in google play store for some reasons. These applications can beat any original app because these are mod versions and they don’t have permissions but in their place they have popularity and people are still loving it. So, here are those applications

1. GBWhatsapp

This is an application which is exact WhatsApp actually it is a mod version of WhatsApp which is not available in google play store. GBWhatsapp is one the best mod version of official WhatsApp. In this app, there are more emoji’s, emotions latest gifs and stickers whereas users can hide blue tick double tick and can freeze the last seen. Privacy can be specifically customized according to the suitability of the user.
Even personal chats can be hidden with password and pin or fingerprint. Status can be downloaded and also copied to the clipboard. Here apk, pdf and other documents can be sent. 90 images and 50mb videos can be sent whereas original WhatsApp has a limitation of 30 images and 16mb videos and here we can send 100 MB audio file it can be recorded and or from file.

2. Popcorn time

Popcorn time is an entertainment app where all the old and latest tv-series and movies are available. By just the tap easily the movie can be downloaded.
There are so many application which provides the latest movies and series but there we cannot download or if we can download then the quality maybe not good but here we can download the application according to our choice. Before download, the app will give an interface where quality will ask.

3. Ymusic

If any user wanted an app which works with youtube but doesn’t show the video and also works when we switch or minimize the app and we want that the app still runs and plays the music in the background then this is the perfect application for the users.
Ymusic is exactly the app which works with youtube without showing video. Open the app all the content is ready but the video will not play.

4. Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is one of the best apps which android is having. It will let you hack the games and android apps.

User can easily activate your app with lucky patcher and also block ads, you can change the permission and can back up the app and user can do a lot more with this. The lucky patcher is having different tools collected in the form of an app.

5. Snaptube - Video Downloader, Download YouTube

The snaptube is a youtube and facebook video downloader where you can watch and download videos from facebook and youtube. There are other websites like WhatsApp daily, Vimeo and lots other apps which supports snap tube.

Download Snaptube

Even Instagram also supports now user can download videos of Instagram. So from next time videos can be downloaded from anywhere use snaptube.

Here we had shared some applications and their simple properties.

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