How To Write Quality SEO Articles To Increase Visitors

How To Write Quality SEO Articles To Increase Visitors
How To Write Quality SEO Articles To Increase Visitors

How To Write Quality SEO Articles To Increase Visitors

How To Write Quality Seo Articles To Increase Visitors - Hello buddy, Tricks sorry, I really rarely upload blog content, because I'm busy with real-world activities (work). Alhamdulillah, there is free time to write what is on my mind today, namely how to write quality articles to increase visitors, this is suitable for blogs that are still young.

Why write quality content? Lots of beginner bloggers do not know that writing blog content is not just writing, in writing a blog there are tags that must be considered, such as H1, H2, H3, Sub Heading and so on. There are several SEO techniques by tidying the template and of course the contents of this article. The visitor is a friend, friend and also everything without a blog visitor friend you are lonely and also a friend in vain wrote at length and there are no results, do not worry this time I will share from my experience bringing visitors organically (from google).

Seo friendly is one of the techniques for writing quality articles that I will describe what this SEO technique is, okay don't have to go at length just to the point...

How To Write Quality Seo Articles To Increase Visitors

Okay, I explain first, what is Seo friendly, so my friend who reads this post understands in order to understand what I describe later, Seo Friendly is a technique that tries to be friendly with SERP like Google, of course, you must understand SEO rules that will be applied to articles that you will make and will also  (page one), well below I will describe how to write quality articles (Seo Friendly) that can bring a lot of visitors.

1. Article Title Contains Keyword

Placement of keywords in the title of the article you made will certainly add SEO to the article you made, especially if you place it in the middle of the title or if it can be to the left of the title, the problem of the title should never make the title just a word that is a keyword, I suppose this is my friend create an article that says "Bad Breath Medicine" if possible the title is "The Most Effective Medicine to Eliminate Bad Breath" do not let only keywords are the title of your article.
By placing keywords in the article title will have a positive side to Google SERP, of course, visitors who will visit your blog must be clear what is discussed in the article, don't lie to visitors, it will definitely imprint hehe

2. Article Title Contains Clicks 

Contains clicks, not Click Bait, the contents must be the same as what you explained in the title of the article, having articles that contain clicks will surely bring in visitors that many visitors will certainly be curious about the title you applied.

I suppose yes I still the keyword above yes "The Most Effective Medicine to Eliminate Mouth Odor" This title is less inviting clicks, which contains clicks usually like this "The 10 Most Effective Medication Eliminating Bad Breath" well, you can apply it to articles that you will create.

3. Increase vocabulary

In writing a blog article, of course, we must be clever in stringing verbatim, remember that you should match the keywords in the title of your article, don't get out of your article keywords, with your friend increasing your vocabulary, it can incur user enterprise on your blog visitors, your blog visitors will comfortable reading and lingering on your blog.

Oh yes, do not repeat the words that have been spoken to multiply words that can affect Google SERP.

4. Make a Long and Deep Article

Long here does not mean writing anything that is not related to the title of the article, don't ambitious that the important thing that the article that I make is long, in writing an article there must be a derivative keyword, so the derived keyword can extend and also deep in SERP posts.

Many say that writing articles with long words can compete in Google SERP One Page.

5. Provide keywords in the article image

Edit, ... the picture on your post also includes SEO technique, friend, give Tittle and Alt to the image according to the title of your article, this also includes techniques to increase your blog visitors. Many bloggers now are not too concerned with this trivial SEO technique, I remind you that SEO has techniques that we can learn and also practice right away.

6. Provide Internal Links in Each Article

An internal link is a link that goes to your own blog, here you install another article that you think is related to the article you made, if 2-3 internal links on each article are enough, adding this internal link can also provide a plus or reduce the bounce rate on the blog.

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