Discover the New Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11

Discover the New Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11
Discover the New Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11

Discover the New Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11

For the past few months, Shaomi has been releasing its MiUI 11 update. One Region and one device are rolling out in MIUI 11, which you may also recognize as MIUI 11. MiUi 11 Android Skin will support some of Xiaomi's older phones - even the Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3 models. It has a modern design, new fonts and many new features. So, if you haven't already heard about the new features of MIUI 11, or if you've heard about it before, this post is for you. Below are some of the notable new features of Xiaomi MiUI 11. Let's get started!

Minimalistic Design 

Significant improvements are made to the design of the MiUI 11 built for full-screen display. New icon pack and smoothed animation have been added to MiUI 11.

Also changed their previous font and added a new font. The lines and boxes have been trimmed in the design of the Content Focused MiUi 3, which makes it even more attractive. 

Mi share 

One of the major additions to MIUI 11  is Mi Share, which allows you to transfer files from one device to another very fast. Xiaomi has partnered with oppo, Realme and Vivo on this feature. That means that those phones will soon be seen by Mi Share. 

Ambient display customization

Xiaomi MIUI 11
Xiaomi MIUI 11

Last year, Xiaomi added the Allways-on display feature to their phones (Redmi K20 series, Mi 9, etc.). The company has added the convenience of customizing the ambient display on a supported phone at MIUI 11. An ambient display can be used on animated clocks, colourful backgrounds, and even any text the user desires. But for those who do not want to use the display's Allways on a feature to save battery, there is also a notification receiver animation. As a result, only the receiver of notification will light and animate in the corner of the display. No 1 Free Video Conversion Tool | Free Online Video Converter And Download

Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11
Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11

Ultra Battery Saver 

Along with battery saving, Xiaomi has added an ultra-battery saver feature. The Ultra Battery Saver in MIUI 11 will shut down all background processes and save battery life. Only basic services like calling, messaging and the internet can be used in Ultra Battery Saver mode. Xiaomi claims that users will be able to cross 5% charge in Ultra Power Saving Mode. The Ultra Battery Saver feature can be found in the Battery section of the Security app.

Force Dark Mode

Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11
Dark Mode

In addition to the supported apes, the unsupported apps will also see the Dark mode in MIUI 11. This feature is called "Globar Dark Mode" in the Display section of the Settings app.

Advanced File Manager 

A preview of all types of files can be seen in the file manager of MIUI 11. Also, you do not have to install any additional app to open PDFs, DocX or any other office files. These files can be opened with the Preinstalled WPS Office App from the File Manager.

Mi Moji on camera 

Previously, Xiaomi had to download a separate app to use Mi Moji. Mi Moji will be seen on camera API at MIUI 11. Also, some new features and expressions support has been added to Mi Moji.

Notes app Task 

the feature has been added to the Notes app. Tasks will be automatically uploaded to m Cloud as well as appear in m calendar. You can also create quick tasks with voice recording.

New Calculator App

New Calculator App
New Calculator App

The calculator app can be used in any app from MiUi 11. With this feature, the Calculator app will run in a floating window on the display. This feature will save a lot of time in accounting.

Video wallpapers 

Video can be used as a wallpaper on the lock screen or home screen in MiUI 11. Any video in the Gallery of User Lists can be used as wallpaper - even with sound!

New "Mint Keyboard" 

Xiaomi has added their own mint keyboard to MiUI 11. Xiaomi has teamed up with Bobble Keyboard to create this keyboard. In addition to Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, more than 20 languages ​​will be supported by Xiaomi's Mint keyboardHidden Features In Your Mobile Phone Using USSD Codes

Kid Space 

The kid space feature is still in beta. It will only be available in China. With this feature children's screen can be specified on-time. KidSpace will soon be seen on all MiUI-supported devices.

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking

Wherever we go, mobile phones are our constant companion. And with this in mind, Xiaomi has added a built-in step counter to the MiUI 11. Xiaomi has also added a period tracker for women, which will work with the Calendar app.

New Dynamic Sound Effect 

Depending on the weather or the situation, dynamic sound effects will be seen on MiUi 11. One ringtone will be available in the morning and another in the evening. These sounds can be used from the huge collection of MiUi.

Digital Wellbeing (Screen Time) 

With this feature, users can see the app while using it. You can also specify the time and thickness of an app to use with this feature. In addition to these, several new features are coming to MiUi 11. These include app preview blurring, sensor off, etc. Take a look at MIUI 11's rollout table below. Free Online Phone Number for Receiving Texts (Receive SMS Online Instantly)

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