Speed ​​up Blog Index with Fetch As Google

Speed ​​up Blog Index with Fetch As Google
Speed ​​up Blog Index with Fetch As Google

Speed ​​up Blog Index with Fetch As Google

Fetch As Google (Take it as Google) is a way to quickly get your new articles indexed by search engines.

This is very important to do if you have just finished making a post.

Now so that the article that you have published is immediately indexed for inclusion in the search list in the Google search engine immediately at that moment.

This is a simple SEO technique but it is very good and very useful. Google provides this facility for blogs that have been registered and verified on Google webmaster tools.

Maybe there are still many who do not really understand the meaning of Fetch as Google and how to use it optimally in managing a blog.

Though these features are very important tools so that your articles are indexed quickly by search engines, especially the Google search engine.

There are several differences found in Fetch as google to execute new posts or articles from a blog, namely Fetch and Fetch and Render.

In this post, I will explain the functions and uses of each of these features.

Difference between Fetch and Fetch Render

Maybe sometimes there are still confused even do not know which menu to use when publishing articles so that articles are immediately indexed by Google.

Fetch (Take)

The fetch menu (fetch) is used so that Google crawls newly created posts or posts that are updated articles. This option can be used when you finish posting without making changes to your template.

Fetch and Render

The fetch and render menu is used so that Google crawls posts that have changed the structure of your blog template or added new script code to the new template, page or widget.

Speed ​​up Blog Index with Fetch As Google
Speed ​​up Blog Index with Fetch As Google

You can follow the full explanation of the steps below

  • Log in to the google webmaster account that you have created
  • Go to the google webmaster tools dashboard
  • Select the crawl menu
  • Choose to fetch as google (take it as google)
  • Enter the URL of the post that you just created, enter the URL behind the domain only, because the column name of your blog is already available
  • After you enter the URL of the blog post, click fetch (fetch) or fetch and render (fetch and render), as explained earlier.
  • Finally, click Go (Submit to index) on the URL that you entered earlier

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