4 Best Internet Speed Test Sites Free

4 Best Internet Speed Test Sites Free

internet speed test. If you’ve swapped ISPs, or you suspect your current one isn’t giving you the speeds they promised, you can use an Internet speed test to see how fast everything is running. But which websites are the best, and why should you use them? how to get faster internet speed for free.

4 Best Internet Speed Test Sites Free
4 Best Internet Speed Test Sites Free

1. Google

No – we don’t mean using Google to find speed tests! Google has its own speed test that you can find by searching for Internet speed test.

When you do this, the first search result will consist of a button that says “Run Speed Test.” If you click this, Google will launch a speed test using automatic settings.

The speed test is very bare-bones: you can’t choose a server, and there are no statistics past the up and download speed. This makes it a pretty poor choice for accuracy, as there’s no real way to control it. Download Snaptube App – Latest Version

2. SpeedTest

One of the most popular speed test sites in the world, SpeedTest is an obvious recommendation.

If you’re not keen on messing around with details, you can click the “Go” button and the website will automatically pair you with the most recommended server. Alternatively, you can select a server near you for a more customizable experience. Hidden Features In Your Mobile Phone Using USSD Codes

3. SpeedOf

If you’re looking for something more thorough than the above two options, try SpeedOf. For one, its speed test is actually a few little tests bundled together.

When you perform a speed test, the website will give you a sample file for your browser to download. You don’t see any pop-ups or need to actually save the file; your browser does all the work. If your Internet downloads the file faster than eight seconds, it repeats with a larger file. This continues until your browser takes longer than eight seconds. Cool & Stylish Profile DP | Boys DP for WhatsApp & Facebook

4. TestMy

Fancy comparing your speeds against other people, whether that would be other users of your ISP, your country’s average, or even the world? Try TestMy, a download and upload speed checker that’s been around for about 20 years.

The actual test process can be disorientating if you have a fast connection. Each stage of the test has its own webpage, so if your fast Internet blazes through the first steps, you’ll see a lot of pages appear and vanish again. Join Movies WhatsApp Group Links List [Letest Updeat]

Checking If You’re Up to Speed

Regardless of whether you’re comparing ISPs, checking if the new router is faster than your old one, or are just curious to see how fast your Internet is, there are plenty of tools out there you can try. Now you know some very good tools, each of which fills their own niche.

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