Create a Variety of Designs for Social Media, Marketing Contents and All Kinds of Events with DesignCap

Create a Variety of Designs for Social Media, Marketing Contents and All Kinds of Events with DesignCap

What is DesignCap?


DesignCap is an online free graphic designer which helps small businesses and online merchants create Facebook posts, Instagram posts, images on various social media, infographics for website content, invitations for different occasions like Christmas, New Year Eve, or artwork for print media, such as posters, flyers, even business cards, etc. With DesignCap, you don’t need to hire a professional designer to get pro graphic designs. How cool it is! Let's see.

Pros of DesignCap

  • Free and easy-to-use to make creative designs.
  • Quickly get design ideas through vast preset templates. 
  • Millions of stock photos, elements, charts, preset text styles, modules & backgrounds.
  • Fully customizable features like crop, color, resize, group/ungroup, etc.
  • In the paid version, Large images can be downloaded as well as unlimited templates can be chosen. 
  • Saving project to cloud for later changing. 

Cons of DesignCap

Can download image files for design work only in small sizes for the Free plan.

What can we do with DesignCap?

On the main page of the website, move your mouse pointer on the Catagory section. You will see the types of designs that the website supports. So we can choose to create designs that meet our needs. There are two major categories of designs, namely Marketing & Event and Social Media Graphic. Let’s see the specific designs DesignCap can help you do. 


Marketing & Event

  • Infographic
  • Flyer
  • Card (small cards giving to friends or customers)
  • Brochure
  • Menu
  • Leaderboard (banner for advertisement)
  • Poster
  • Invitation
  • Business Card
  • Facebook Ad (Image posted on Facebook)
  • Logo (Logo design)

Social Media Graphic

  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Facebook Cover 
  • Tumblr Banner 
  • Facebook Post 
  • Pinterest Graphic (Beautiful images for posting on Pinterest)
  • YouTube Thumbnail (YouTube clip art image)
  • Twitter Header (Twitter cover image)
  • Email Header 
  • Instagram Post 

How to use it?

Register an account for free
As a free website design tool, we don't have to spend time installing programs on the machine. Instead, just go to the website and sign up an account with your email for free. You can also directory login with your Google account or Facebook account.  

Choose a template

You can see that DesignCap provides a variety of templates to choose from. Select a category and pick a specific template for your topic and start your design. You can also start creation from a blank template. 

Get it customized


We don't have to think about all the design details themselves, because DesignCap has many beautiful templates for us to choose from. 

DesignCap With ThugsofBD.Com

Once a template is chosen, fine-tune it and make it unique with elements, photos, charts, texts, modules, and background. Every object can be personalized with a specific editing tool. 

Save and Share

Once you have finished editing your designs, click the Save button to save our designs under DesignCap's account for further editing. Or click the Download button to download the design as an image file to the computer. You can share the saved image or directly share it via a URL of the design produced by DesignCap.


DesignCap is a creative design service that is available for everyone even those who don't have design ideas or never designed an image before. It is able to create works quickly with beautiful templates and a wide selection of resources. Anyone interested? Go to this link

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