How to Download and Install Google Play on Android

How to Download and Install Google Play on Android

Download Google Play from APK Mirror

APK Mirror is a site where you can search for, download and install the latest version of Google Play to your Android phone. The site checks every app, so it’s safe for you to use. Just head to and check for the latest Google Play version and click to download it.

The download file will show in your notifications and the download app drawer, where you can click to install. If you can’t install it, download the latest Google Play Services version and pick the one that corresponds to your current version of Android.

How to Download and Install Google Play on Android
How to Download and Install Google Play on Android

For older Android phones (pre-Oreo), go to Settings and enable installation from Unknown Sources before going to APK Mirror to download the Google Play app. You’ll get a prompt to allow the download and installation, so tap Yes to confirm the action.

If your Android phone is a newer version, such as Android 9 (Pie) or Android 10, you can install Google Play manually using these steps:

  1. Open Settings and go to Apps.
  2. Find your mobile browser, for example, Chrome, and tap on it.
  3. Scroll down to the Advanced section and tap “Install Unknown apps.”
  4. Select Allow from this source. Once you’re done with these steps, you can disable this option.
  5. Go to and search for the latest Google Play version to download the APK. If you get a message saying, “This type of file can harm your device,” tap OK. Go to your notifications bar, open the APK download file, and tap Install.

How to Install Google Play Using Your Computer

Besides installing Google Play on your smartphone, you can use your computer if you don’t have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Using this method, download the Google Play APK to the computer using the same instructions above together with your phone’s file manager app.

  1. Download the latest Google Play app APK version from APK Mirror, and then connect your phone and computer using a USB cable. Copy the APK to your Android phone and open it from the file manager app.
  2. Open the APK, give the necessary permissions and then tap Install.
  3. Once you’re done, remove the permissions you gave on your device (install from Unknown Sources) from the file management app if you won’t be sideloading APKs again. Sideloading helps avoid APK installation issues when using a USB cable with your phone and PC.

From now on, when a newer version is available, your sideloaded Google Play app will update automatically.

Now that you know how to install Google Play on your Android device, it’s time to explore and learn the content available on the platform. If you’re new to the store, take time to go through the home screen or use the search bar to find some cool apps, music, movies, games or ebooks and other exciting content while you’re at it.

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