Creating an Affiliate Site – The Easy Way [Divident Theme+ WP Review Pro]

Creating an Affiliate Site – The Easy Way [Divident Theme+ WP Review Pro]

We all know that designing an affiliate site is not like the regular one. It’s not like that you installed WordPress then add any theme and bunch of plugins, and you are done.

I assume that you are going to create your site with WordPress. Easy to handle and a huge helping community backing WordPress.

Dividend Theme Demo
Dividend Theme Demo

It needs a good selection of themes, plugins and a great review+rating addons. You might also need a good comparison table plugin to show products from different vendors.

That’s what we do as an affiliate to get the better result, I mean a good conversion.

The catch here is, everything is not easy when you are creating an affiliate website.

You need a good design that will suit your niche and help your visitor to engage in clicking.

Obviously good quality content is a must thing to create a successful affiliate website. Besides that, I am going to introduce you to a theme and plugin from mythemeshop that will make your affiliate site creation much easier.

If you are not a designer or developer you might be lucky today. You can just buy this particular theme and plugin from mythemeshop and design your affiliate site all by yourself. No dev cost.

Invest that money to get content or other marketing purposes.

  • Theme: Dividend
  • Plugin: WP Review Pro

Why Choosing this theme?

There are thousands of templates on the web. Being a WordPress designer I know it is hard to choose the right one. Especially when you are comparing your sites with others you always overthink and make it difficult to choose a theme for your own site.

I have seen hundreds of affiliate sites with poor theme choices and thus ruining their business.

When selecting a theme for your next affiliate project, think of a theme that is cleanly coded, loads faster and have a very good aesthetic for the readers to take action.

Among these 5 demos, I always select the default one. The default design has some advantages. The home page of the default one is divided into a section where I can show posts from all of my categories.

So, even if you are building an authority site, this is a great theme to plan that. You can easily show off your multi-niche category on the front page. Look around the demo, the theme has a great reading view both on PC and mobile devices.

Amazing Shortcodes

MyThemeshop has developed a good plugin to stylize your text with shortcodes. During the installation of the plugin, you will be notified to install the necessary plugin for free. The WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop is such an amazing plugin.

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop
WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

Most of you are familiar with the visual editor and you know that editing in visual-composer is somehow time-consuming. Also sometimes it breaks the content design if not properly done.

But, using shortcodes in this theme is like a breeze. You just need to select the shortcode dropdown from the editing menu. all the codes are listed there, insert and use as you need. How to Get Free Traffic for Website and Increase Blog Traffic?

From button to text highlighting, creating columns and tables, everything is included in the shortcodes. Using shortcodes also loads your pages faster.

Creating an Affiliate Site - The Easy Way [Divident Theme+ WP Review Pro] 2

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop 

If you are not using any mythemeshop theme, still you can use this shortcode plugin. Although check first if it is compatible with your theme. I prefer using plugin shortcodes as this is safer than using the themes own shortcode. If I change the theme the shortcodes will not be lost.

Great Control Panel

All the premium MyThemeshop theme is loaded with easy to use theme options panel. Insert code in the header, edit menu items color, font, insert an advertisement, everything can be done from inside the control panel.

There is a very rare case you will need an extra plugin to customize your site's color, font, and outlook. You will love the Google font collection included in the Theme Panel.

Dividend Theme Control Panel
Dividend Theme Control Panel

As you are getting all the content customization and theme design customization ability included in the theme, you do not need to worry about other plugins. It is saving your time and money.


The dividend comes with some extra widget and functionality like creating deals items.
In the Home Page, you can add an extra call to action and have a subscription box.
You can show product reviews from different categories.
Loading time is faster.
Lazy load of images.


The social sharing buttons and follow buttons in the header are not good looking enough and sometimes out of alignment. That’s why I am using a sidebar widget to show my social accounts.
The quick search lacks innovation and has some bugs.

WP Review Pro Plugin

Although the theme and shortcodes will make your life easier while arranging your content, but I think you will need another plugin like WP Review Pro to head start your content. Backlinks: Your Free Backlink Checker Tool | How to Find Backlinks

MyThemeshop has a free version of this plugin, which I have already used. It has limited functionality, but you can work with it. Adding a summary and ratings of the product you are reviewing is pretty much easier with it.

WP Review Pro Plugin
WP Review Pro Plugin

With the Pro version of this plugin, you can do much better.

Creating an Affiliate Site - The Easy Way [Divident Theme+ WP Review Pro] 5

There are predefined templates depending on your needs. Either you review a product or a website, you can still use this review plugin. The review plugin lets you add review before or after the post content. This way readers will get the idea without reading the full content.

In the pro version, you can add the pros and cons of a product, images, rating and of course the affiliate link within buttons. Also, you can add the review anywhere in the template from the post editing screen.

For the comparison table, you can use review plugin shortcodes in the post-editing box. Adding multiple product comparisons with shortcodes is much better and it works with any theme.

An addition that I love is they have added Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc reviews in the pro version. You can add your Facebook reviews now easily.

One other thing is a great looking popup to show other reviews on the existing site. It sure increases the click-through of your site’s post.

For special deals, it has a header notification bar which can be used very easily from the admin panel.

To me, you do not need anything more if you use the Dividend theme and WP Review Pro plugin combo.

Get out of your regular affiliate site design and do something more creating this theme. You can easily customize it by yourself. The admin panel is super easy.

To be added, the support response of MyThemeshop is super.

I have some other recommended plugins for you including this one. These plugins are necessary to fine-tune your affiliate website.

Recommended Plugins:

Tips: MyThemeshop regularly provides offers like buying themes and plugins for $9 or $19. Check for that. Although these are very limited time offer.

Sometimes the yearly subscription is reduced to less than $100

Now, tell me what theme and plugin is your favorite? Maybe I can enrich my list with them. 5 Tips & Tricks to Help You Boost Your Website’s Conversion
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