Google geotargeting is much important for the website's SEO & Ranking. Geo-targeting is the feature in Google webmaster tools which allows you to target a specific country for your website contents. If you are using an international domain like .com or .net etc, Google looks at your hosting server to locate your website country.

Different use and effects of Google Geotargeting

  1. Setting Google geotargeting to a specific country.
  2. Setting Google geotargeting to "unlisted".

Google geotargeting to a specific country.

Use this feature only if necessary. If your website is country related contents use this feature with your specific country. This setting will increase your presence in local google search results. and if your website contents are not related to any country or region you should not use this feature because this feature may limit your website contents to a specific country and you will not able to receive traffic from other countries. My experience to use geographical targeting was amazing. Below is the graph of my website with different settings of the geotargeting feature.

How to use Google Geo Targeting | Effects on SEO & Ranking
How to use Google Geo Targeting | Effects on SEO & Ranking

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Google geotargeting to "Unlisted"

"Unlisted" is the option from Google geotargeting feature. It means that you are telling google that you don't want to target a specific country and contents of your websites are global, not related to any country or region. In the above image, I am showing that my traffic increased much more after setting Google Geotargeting to "Unlisted". After the implementation of these settings,, I am receiving search traffic from other different countries.

Example: Suppose you are running a website to sell your products within the United States. you must use this feature and set Google Geo-targeting to the United States. Google will show pages of your website within the United States as a primary country. 10 Best Ever Domain Registrars And Hosting for 2020 [Updated]

Suppose you are running a website with contents of global entertainment or fashion and want to spread your website and receive traffic fro the entire world you must set this feature as "Unlisted".

How to Use Google Geotargeting

  • Open Google Webmaster tools, Click on "Search Traffic" then "International targeting".
  • Click on the "Country" tab, Check "Target users in" and select your specific country from the list or set as Unlisted at the end of the list.
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