15 Best Free FPS Games For Android

15 Best Free FPS Games For Android

FPS games (first-person shooters) are among the most exciting game genres out there. It is one of the most popular genres ever. Additionally, a variety of high-value games have come from it, including Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, and many others. Believe it or not, there is actually a healthy supply of FPS games on Android that you can dig into. If you’ve got your trigger finger ready, here are the best FPS games on Android right now. Most of these require at least a semi-decent device to play. They tend to have heavy graphics, high demand on Internet usage and are generally just high resource consuming games. Fortnite is another excellent FPS game on Android, but it’s not in the Play Store so we didn’t list it here. Top 10 Best Android Apps that Pay Real Money

15 Best Free FPS Games For Android
15 Best Free FPS Games For Android

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1. PubG Mobile / PubG Lite 

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite
Price: Free to play

PUBG Mobile is the mobile port of the very popular FPS game on console and PC. This game drops you onto an island with 100 total players. The goal is to be the last one left standing. There is gear, weapons, and vehicles strewn about the map as well. It plays surprisingly well for how new it is. Additionally, the mechanics are above average, even for a mobile FPS game. Fortnite is another excellent option in the same FPS sub-genre as PUBG Mobile.  Download Now

2. Counter-Strike 4

The popular pc game counter strike has been
available before pub g running perfectly with glossy updates and improvements if you wanna experience old-style fps then counter strike is here.

3. Six Guns

The only game with cowboy experience vintage feels in a village it's our personal choice a must-try if you like cowboys.

4. Modern Combat 5

Modern combat is a well-structured fps gamed and being the classic fps game available for android.

5. Free Fire

The fanboys for free fire is wide and the game improving day by day and fan base

6. Respawnables

These are one of the games which have animated feel with decent fps feel does a popular game check it out.

7. Xiaomi Mi Survival

The pub g alternative ultra low-end devices and for mi fanboys graphics are fine not like in pub g the compressed version of pubg in 200mb available in the mi app store.

8. Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops
Price: Free to play

Infinity Ops is one of the newer FPS games on mobile at the time of this writing. It launched under a different name and re-branded shortly afterward. It boasts a multiplayer online competitive experience in a sci-fi setting. The game features above-average social features, clans, various in-game weapons, jet packs, and a variety of game modes. The graphics and mechanics are also quite good compared to most average FPS games. Most of the game’s feedback is surprisingly positive with the exception of those who run into bugs. Download Now

9. N.O.V.A Legacy

NOVA Legacy
Price: Free to play

NOVA Legacy is the latest title in a franchise of popular FPS games. It’s a sci-fi shooter that comes with a full campaign mode, decent graphics, several game modes, online multiplayer mode, and more. You can even craft and upgrade your weapons. Some of its tertiary features include leaderboards, character customizations, and death cam replays in multiplayer mode. It’s a freemium game. That makes it feel and play differently than its predecessors. Still, it’s among the best. Don’t believe its 20MB claim, though. it is much larger than that. Download Now

10. Call Of Duty®: Mobile

Call of duty is one of the popular pc game available for android specifically designed for mobile.

11. Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade from the popular Gameloft inc.

12. Critical Ops - Multi-Player

Critical Ops
Price: Free to play

Critical Ops is one of the newer FPS games. It’s technically still in public beta without a full release yet. In this one, you can choose to be part of an anti-terrorism unit and stop the destruction or play as a terrorist and cause destruction. It features online multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and decent graphics to create a pretty complete overall experience. The game has evolved substantially from its early days and manages to be one of the truly great FPS games on Android not named PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Download Now

13. Modern Ops - Action Shooter

PvP shooting Game With Exciting 5 Vs 5 Battles.

14. Crime Revolt

PvP Shooter Game - Crime Revolt From
Edkon Games GmBh

15. World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

Optimized Game For Both Strong And Weaker Devices, Editor's Choice Best Mobile Fps Game.

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