How to Download Twitter Videos

How to Download Twitter Videos

If we stumble upon the internet, there has been a vast history of blogging. If I am right, the first blog (not called “blog” those days) was created even before I was born. The way of blogging has shaped since then, and people have started sharing their thoughts within limited words. Then microblogging came into the picture, and we all are well aware of Twitter now. While people adapted themselves to share their ideas within a restricted number of characters, the trend of expressing and sharing in the form of videos started. This article will give you an insight and quick solution of how to download twitter videos that you enjoy and like to save in your smartphones. How to download twitter video. Download the Original Office 2016 Professional Plus

When glancing through the tweets, you go across the various vital videos which you wish to download, but when you visit twitter, it will never allow you to download your favorite videos. You have no option for that. Check out this article for the guide to twitter videos through your iPhone, iPad camera roll, Mac, Windows, and PC to with them also when you’re offline at your leisure time. Twitter is amongst the top social media websites that users are much interactive with. Many of them don’t know about downloading their favorite video, and they end up liking the video. So, here for you all, I am with a short guide that how you can download the videos from Twitter. I am very sure that the guide will help you out. How to download twitter videos. How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How to Download Twitter Videos
How to Download Twitter Videos

Well! Downloading the twitter video at your PC is now easy, you don’t have to go up with too many steps, although it can be a bit different process for the iOS device. Anyways, without taking much time, I will start with how to save your coolest videos on your smartphone. Let’s together diver across!

How to Download Twitter Videos on your iPhone, Mac, and Windows

How to download videos from Twitter to iPhone Camera Roll? There are several apps we all are aware of like popular manager “Documents” and “MyMedia” that allows you to save your coolest videos to the iPhone and iPhone Camera Roll. Both perform the same tasks, so the process is quite identical. Therefore, according to me, MyMedia makes the task a bit easy. 4 Best PayPal Alternatives for Making Online Payments

1. Download using MyMedia

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to download the MyMedia File Manager on your iOS device. The app available on your iOS device is free of cost.

Step 2: Second step is to open twitter on your device and then go to the tweet which you wish to download.

Step 3: Next, by clicking on the share button, select “share tweet via”.

Step 4: The iOS share sheet will appear you have to click on the “copy link to tweet.”

Step 5: Further, launch the MyMedia app on an iOS device, notice once that your browser tab is selected.

Now, go to the using the MyMedia app that you have launched and paste the link that you have selected and then click on the download button.

Step 6: You will see the option of selecting three files sizes.

I would recommend you to go with the smaller one which one is your favourite, and you wish to manage storage effectively, it depends on the storage if you wish to download the large one then the storage should be substantial. The choice will be yours.

Click on the download video and select Download the File for confirmation. By entering the name of your video, click on the Save button in the pop-up. Your video will be downloaded in the app.

Step 7: Next, tap on the back, and then select media tap. You’ll see the downloaded file. Tap to it and hold, a menu you will see, there select the “save to camera roll.”

That’s all your video has been saved successfully from twitter to your device.

2. How to Download Twitter Videos on Mac and Windows PC

Step 1: Log in to Twitter with your computer

Step 2: Watch out for the favorite video on Twitter

Step 3: Click on the right arrow, located at the top of the twitter page.

Step 4: You need to click on the Copy link to a tweet from the menu bar. Copy the link from there.

Step 5: Go to the

Step 6: Paste the URL at the search bar and click on download.

Step 7: Right-click on the download video and then click on Save Link As.

Yes! You are done with it. Your video will be downloaded successfully. Now go ahead and watch your favorite video.

There are a few apps and extensions which allow you to download the videos from Twitter; some of them are as mentioned below:

3. Download Twitter Videos on PC

Using the free Twitter video website to download the videos on the computer

When we choose to download the video from twitter, we search for many sites that are available on the internet, but many methods can create chaos for downloading the video. So, if you’re using your PC to download it, I will suggest you the most comfortable way which is hassle-free for the easy download. I mostly use this website when I want to download the video from twitter status.

One of the most popular websites for downloading the twitter video is Whether you’re on a computer or you're mobile, you can easily use the app.

  • Open your favorite video that you want to download.
  • Copy the link of the video
  • Go to and paste the copied link
  • Select the video quality and click on download.
  • You will find your downloaded video on your PC.
  • This is one of the easiest methods to download the video from the download.

The quickest way to download the video is by adding “sss” before the twitter link. see the image below.

Press enter after adding “sss” before and you’ll be redirected to the page where you may click and download easily.

4. Free Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Another effective solution to download twitter videos is using an extension that is the most favorable. As whenever you want to download the video, you need to click on the video and the extension will download it for you.

Desktop Twitter chrome extension can be the best for downloading the videos from twitter. The extension will show the videos present on the page, by clicking on any of the videos, you can easily download it.

5. Download Twitter Videos: Twitter Video Download App

This is amongst the top and best app that helps you in downloading your favorite videos from Twitter. This app downloads not only the video but also the GIFs from twitter. The app also highlights the resolution and size of the video that you want to download. There is also a built-in feature by which you can easily share it on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You may download it from here.

6. Twitter Video Downloader for Android

The easy to use the app for your android, twitter video downloader is one of the best and easy to use apps which downloads the twitter video quickly without any trouble. You can also share the video on your social media. The ads in the app may irritate you, but this is what you can use in downloading the coolest videos from twitter. You may download the app from the google play store.

7. Instube

Instube not only allows you to download the videos from twitter but also from 25 different platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud. If you wish to download the video from this app, you need to choose twitter from the menu. Browse through twitter and select your favorite video. Open the video and click on the red button that appears at the right bottom. Click on download. Although the app is not available on the play store, it’s verified by the CM security and McAfee, which indicates that it is virus-free.


Another website that allows you to download the videos not only from twitter but from various platforms. It can also convert the videos for you. It will enable you to download the videos and the gifs. You need to copy the link of your favorite and paste in of, then click on the search icon. The video will be downloaded. It is much helpful for android users. They can easily download the video without chaos. is amongst the best websites, that allows you to download the video from 6+ various platforms. Not all android smartphones support

Download the Videos Effortlessly

All the app and the options mentioned above will help you to download the twitter video easily. We have discussed with you a lot about downloading twitter videos from different app and websites. The apps will help you out in downloading the twitter videos at your mobile, desktop, or iOS devices. I hope the above-listed ways suggested by me are easy to download your coolest twitter videos. I have picked up the top and the best tools and you may use them according to your convenience. Well! There are many tools and apps, but listing them all is a tough task, so I have taken the best out of them. If I missed any of the top-rated apps for the twitter video download, then you’re free to add your favorite to the comment section.
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