35+ Blogging Resources You need to know to Improve your Blog

35+ Blogging Resources You need to know to Improve your Blog

    Blogging Tools, Resources, and Apps to organize new blog ideas, add the perfect images, optimize your content, and share your articles efficiently. How to Get Free Traffic for Website and Increase Blog Traffic?

    37+ Blogging Resources You need to know to Improve your Blog
    37+ Blogging Resources You need to know to Improve your Blog

    As a blogger every day we use different resources and tools to blog more efficiently such as blogging platform, Domain and hosting services, Blog topic idea generator, keyword research, blog graphics design, newsletter service, analytics tools and many more. 

    It’s always helpful for both who especially starting out a brand new blog and those who are currently running a blog.  7 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips For Bloggers

    For revealing the secret resources and tools, I’ve put together a list of recommended blogging resources that you need to know to improve and manage your Blog efficiently. Those resources and tools I’ve either personally used (in most cases) and some resources are highly recommended by many trusted pro bloggers.

    I will add to these lists as I come across new blogging resources that I recommend and obviously those resources will save you valuable hours.

    #1: Blogging Platform

    This is a platform where we do blogging. Different blogging company has a different name and features for their own platform. Generally, people use multiple platforms and I use below 3 platforms at a time. One for my main blog and the other 2 as a secondary blog.

    WordPress – this is the most amazing blogging platform that millions of people are using every day to publish blog content. WordPress provides free blog under wordpress.com but you’ll get the most control with self-hosted WordPress blog under wordpress.org.

    Blogger – this is a wonderful free hosted blogging platform where you will get much freedom to do your daily blogging and monetization. The big news is that the Blogger platform owned by Google.

    Tumblr – this is a very popular microblogging platform for sharing animated stuff like personal photo sharing of daily life, cool gif, and memes. Even many people are using Tumblr platform as a secondary blog.

    #2: Domain Name for Website and Blog

    A domain name is the name or identity of your Website. And generally, visitors type on the browser to search the website. For running a website you must have a domain. You have to buy a domain from a domain seller company.

    Namecheap  – I have purchased my domain thugsofbd.com from Namecheap. Lowest Prices and Easy Setup. Get Started Now & Join Namecheap's Happy Customers Today. All Domains Come With Free Privacy Protection Forever & 2 Months Email. Get Started Today! Free WhoisGuard. Best 24/7 Support. #1 for Value Vs. Others.

    Domain.com – I used to buy a domain from Domain.com for my clients. Their services are really good and the price is very low. They don't have any hidden charges. Many domain name seller technically promotes low price but Domain.com really offer a competitively low price for the domain name.

    #3: Hosting Services 

    Hosting requires starting a self-hosted blog site. In hosting storage your whole blog data and media file remain secure. There are many hosting services available over the net but most pro bloggers are using below 2 hosting services.

    BlueHost – This hosting service recommended by WordPress itself. Bluehost is a very old and experienced hosting service provider. Because of the cheap hosting service offer, they become very popular. There is a huge popular WordPress site hosted on the Bluehost server.

    Siteground – This is the most reliable and secured web hosting service. They have many offers and different plans that suit your requirements. SiteGround's server is the very smooth and hosting price is very cheap. Their customer service team is very friendly.

    Namecheap - Lowest Prices and Easy Setup. Get Started Now & Join Namecheap's Happy Customers Today. All Domains Come With Free Privacy Protection Forever & 2 Months Email. Get Started Today! Free WhoisGuard. Best 24/7 Support. #1 for Value Vs. Others. Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, which provides domain name registration and web hosting, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Namecheap is a budget hosting provider with 11 million registered users and 10 million domains.

    #4: Blog Design and Themes

    The visual appearance of your Website or Blog. Design exactly the website's exterior looks and build brand image. Design can attract more visitors to your website. There are many web design selling marketplace where you can buy design for your blog or website.

    Themeforest – this is the number #1 place where almost all designer companies are connected with ThemeForest to sell their premade design. Whatever your blogging platform you will get all types of design over there in a competitive rate. You will find a design for your WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost, eCommerce site and many more. 

    Tesla themes – For unique WordPress themes with cheap price tesla themes is the best place. You will be happy with their after-sales service. They are popular for simplified design.

    MyThemeShop – this is a big name for blog design and theme. Not only theme but also many premium plugins are available in MyThemeShop to enhance your WordPress theme functionality. This will be a good choice if you are planning to buy Premium Theme + Plugins at once.

    #5: Tools for Productivity, Organize and Team Management

    Productivity tools help to maintain your Blog. In addition, it helps to write articles whiteout error and gathering ideas. Beside of this to manage a blogging team those productivity tool helps to manage the whole team.

    Co-Schedule – Every blogger must use this tool. Mainly I use this tool to generate SEO friendly headlines for my Blog Post, but I love their content brew editorial calendar because it saves my time. CoSchedule helps you to manage your content and social media in the same place. It integrates with WordPress, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and many social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Google+ Pages.

    Grammarly – This is a very cool Chrome extension to checks your spelling and grammar while you write something for draft writing! If you draft your blog article and notes directly online then this extension will help you to check grammar. 

    Evernote – I love this tool to write my blog articles, instantly saving any topic idea, making drafts and small notes I use Evernote. You can remember ALL the things after saving every little thing in your Evernote! Currently, I am using the free version, but if you do a large volume draft then go with their premium services.

    Google Analytics – This is one of the best tools that I use for tracking my Blog traffic and growth. If you are an active blogger and want to analyze your Blog performance then you must see daily Blog page views, bounce rate, number of sessions, top referral sources, social referral site list and more. Google Analytics is the best solution to improve your Blog performance.

    Google AdWords (Keyword Planner) – To research a competitive keyword for your next blog post this is one of the best tools that you have. If you can properly utilize this tool your site’s organic traffic and Rank will increase rapidly.

    Serpstat – Another growth hacking tool I often use for SEO, PPC and content marketing. Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform. You can research keywords, optimize your site for search engine, Analyze your PPC and content marketing activity.

    Clockspot - This is an online time clock and web-based employee timesheet software. Clockspot can help you get your tasks in order and track how much time you spend on each one of your tasks.

    #6: Resources for Cloud Storage

    Often we need to store our website data in cloud storage. Because personal PC is not always safe, your hard disk can be crash anytime or affect by the virus and ultimately you will lose your all data and backup. There are some online tools we need to store our important files and data. For example, you need to take a backup of your Website online then you must use online web storage to secure your data. Generally, I use the following online storage.

    Google Drive - This is my favorite place for storing my website backup, notes, and my design works. I store my all backup files like widget script, draft articles, sponsored articles, etc. 

    Dropbox - Another secured place to store all of your data. I use dropbox for storing data and host some of my scripts. And I keep a duplicate copy of files from Google Drive. 

    Open drive - This is a fantastic cloud storage where I host my all Blogger template and people download from that drive. The open drive is very easy to use and you can save the note, files and many more. 

    #7: Tools for Social Media site Management

    In a busy life, you may not have enough time to manage your social media page by signing individually. So you need handy tools where you can manage all of your social media pages from one place. For managing social media site I use multiple online tools.

    Tailwind – I use to grow my Instagram and Pinterest profile. You can schedule your Instagram and pins by using this tool. Additionally, this tool will give you a better analytics report than Pinterest itself.

    BoardBooster – This is another amazing tool for Pinterest. You can schedule pins, streamline group board contribution, Improve pin quality, Clean up your boards, Host top quality group boards, Optimize your strategy, etc.

    HootSuite – Mainly I use this tool to manage my Instagram and Twitter posts. But HootSuite will help you to grow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr. Currently, I’m using a free version. I can see and manage my multiple social media pages from HootSuite dashboard. Generally, you can schedule posts or tweets, retweet, comments, etc. and you can send your Instagram post from Desktop and it’s the app that will send a notification in your android app. Simply you can publish your Instagram post from your HootSuite app to Instagram app without typing in Smartphone. I just love this feature.

    #8: Tools for Graphic Design

    Blog post template design is very important because by watching your Blog post image visitors are mainly attract. So to make my Blog post design attractive I use several online tools. And all of them are absolutely free. 

    Canva – This is one of the biggest solutions for creating your Blog post image design. Image is very important to attract readers and divert visitors. Canva is a free online graphic design tool; I can create decent visuals for my blog, social media profile cover, and posts. In additionally you can design your Bog logo and ad banner by using Canva. 

    Design Wizard - It is an extremely viable alternative to the likes of Canva, Snappa, Crello, Animoto, Magisto, etc, with a lower-cost licensing model and you will find all features of the tools in free subscription, unlike most of their competitors.

    They have over 17,000 templates (10,000 free) and over 1.2 million images in their database. So you can create dazzling graphics for your blog post and social media.

    PicMonkey – This is another useful tool for creating visual content for your blog. I often use this tool and make an awesome design for my blog post. Sometimes I use Canva and PicMonkey both for single image design.

    Creative Market – World’s number #1 place to get Fonts, banner, design, flyer, and many creative designs. I love this site and use many resources from that site in my Blog. You will get tons of free goods for your next blog design.

    #9: Resources for Royalty Free Stock Photo

    For blogging every day we need to use relevant images. This is not quite hard to get a high quality stock image if you know the proper source. The best sources for premium and Royalty-free stock photo I use:

    Shutterstock - For making my blog post image unique I use premium images from Shutterstock. Their images are very unique and exceptional, as well as quality is good in quality. You will find all relevant photos according to your need for your next blog post. I just love their photo collection.

    Pexels – This is my second choice for a Royalty-free image. If I don’t get a relevant photo on Shutterstock then I look at pixels. Their picture quality is really awesome. All premium quality pictures are free to use in your personal and commercial purposes.

    #10: Tools and Services for Email Marketing

    As a Blogger we must build our email list. without an email list, you won't able to build your reader circle. Even if you are planning to do affiliate marketing then you must build your email list first. For list building, you can use the following newsletter services.

    MailChimp – This is really a rocking email marketing service. Currently millions of users love their service from around the globe. You are allowed to build 2000 subscribers list for free and above 2000 subscribers you have to switch to their premium plan.

    MailerLite – My favorite service I have switched from MailChimp to MailerLite because of their free automation service. You can build 1000 mailing lists absolutely free and under their free plan they allow users to use their all premium features, this is really awesome. You will get adequate support from the mailer lite even if you are under their free subscription plan.

    ConvertKit – This is the most popular advance email marketing tool and for growing your mailing list rapidly you can use ConverterKit. I don’t have to say much about their services ConverterKit has great automation service that helps to deliver email series automatically. If you are planning to design an email course then ConverterKit is best. They are now in a leading position in email marketing services. Many people grow their subscribers rapidly through this service.

    SpecificFeeds – a great alternative of Feedburner for managing your RSS feeds and email. I’m still using Feedburner but not act because it doesn’t have much control over email sending feature. And for a longer time, Google is not updating this product. So I’m using SpecificFeeds to send unlimited emails to email subscribers daily and weekly. The best part of this service is that email subscribers can control when to receive the email.

    Sumo – Formerly known as SumoMe. This is a powerful tool that solved my post sharing problem. Currently, I’m using their service for sharing my blog posts on various social media site and my blog visitors can share posts through this tool. However, this tool to help you collect email addresses through a variety of popup, hello bars, welcome mats, and other innovative tools. You can use their autoresponder to send any download link automatically upon a new subscription into your mailing list.

    #11: Online Payment solutions

    Payment Gateway is a medium of sending and receiving online payment. Generally, we receive money online for freelance work, ad revenue, Web Design selling, and other services. All payment comes in dollar currency so we must use a Payment solution online.

    Payoneer – this is the world’s second-largest payment gateway. Where PayPal is not operating there Payoneer got the leading position. This payment gateway is great for freelance workers and bloggers. Currently, I’m using this to receive my ad revenue, Sponsored articles, Template design selling. Payoneer provides a Master card to draw money from ATM both and online uses.

    PayPal - PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. DescriptionPayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payment system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

    100+ Ways to Make Money Online (Easy & Without Investment).That’s all about blogging resources and tools I use for my everyday blogging and I hope this article will help you to get a clear idea that what should you use while you do blogging or planning to start a brand new blog. If you are using any other tools or resources for improving and managing your blog then please share in the comment section. I am really excited to hear from you. Thank you. Online Converter - Convert Video, images, Audio and Documents for free

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