Google to Review Android Apps that track your Location in the background

In a recent move, Google has decided to review all the Android Apps on its Play Store that fetch the user's location while running in the background. Google has said that from 3rd August, all the Google Play Store apps will be reviewed for their usage of the location.

Google to review Android Apps that track your Location in the background

Although, this move might not be very crucial for companies who use Personal Location for Real-time services i.e Uber, Careem, etc. But those apps which might not tell the users of being tracked while tracking process runs in the background will be dealt with strict protocols. Google says, Apps will have to justify the usage of Location access from the background services until it justifies the need for background location sharing, Google will allow this otherwise Google will crack down on the app. Gboard For Android Now Supports Over 500 Languages

This decision looks very similar to what we called IOS 13's footsteps as the Apple operating system offers reminders that the following apps are using/tracking your real-time location. However, these policies were a little late from Google which was being criticized by some developers in the past.

The other interesting thing that Google saying is that these policies will also be applied to Google Apps. I mean how funny it is saying this. We all know, tech giants like Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, etc. anyhow tracks your location and your personal data whenever you're connected to the internet. So, why would Google limits itself not to get the Location of its users?

After this implementation, Android App develops will have to either restrict or must have to be very careful while using the 3rd Party SDK's and libraries while the development of apps otherwise Google will not allow such apps to be uploaded on Google's Play Store. 
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