Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views Free

Hey, do you have a YouTube channel? Want to get more views on your videos? This article is what you want. Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos Free.

how to get more views on Youtube Free, It doesn’t matter how much hard work you invest in creating your videos; if you are not marketing & promoting your videos, your video will never be seen by the majority of your target audience. It’s like nothing.  How to Get Free Unlimited Youtube Subscribers And Like.

How to Get More views on Youtube Free
How to Get More views on Youtube Free

YouTube video promotion is very simple that anyone can learn with a little instruction. How to Watch Videos Offline on YouTube.

In this article, I have shared ideas and techniques that you can follow to market & promote your YouTube videos. These tips are tested, proven, and work for videos from almost every niche and category. So let's start...

Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views Free:

  1. Video Title (Optimize it for more views)
  2. Video Tags – Write the 500 characters limit
  3. Use a Good Thumbnail!
  4. Promote videos on Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  5. Great Descriptions.

5 Super Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views

Note: I will create all major YouTube promotion techniques in the upcoming blog post, so stay connected and show your love. :) Top 5 Best Video Maker And Editing Apps for Android ★★★

1. Video Title (Optimize it for more views)

Believe me, the title part of a video is the most important among all the tricks. A good title helps you a lot on video SEO and also more views. 

Here are some great tips on how to write a great YouTube video title:

  • Keep the title short as possible and to the point
  • Add the current year if you can (Ex: Best Tips for 2019)
  • Make it attractive (do not clickbait)
  • You should include keywords at the beginning of the title
  • Use Some “Power Words” (Ex: Best, Awesome, Incredible)
  • You should capitalize your headline title

2. Video Tags – Write the 500 characters limit

Some of us often make mistake not adding full tags on the video tag box. But it is very important to fill the video tag box with relevant tags with the maximum 500 characters. how to promote youtube videos to get more views.Zamzar - Video Converter, Audio Converter, Image Converter, eBook Converter

Here are three great rules for using YouTube video tags properly:

  • You should use a unique branded channel tag so that your videos are shown in related videos Ex: Use your brand name in all videos. (See above screenshot)
  • Should use your main keywords as the video-tag
  • Use a variation of your keyword as a tag (you can take help of the YouTube auto-suggest feature)

3. Use a Good Thumbnail!

Use should use the custom thumbnail feature of YouTube on your video. If you want to add a custom thumbnail, you should verify your channel. 

After enabling the custom thumbnail feature, you should use it on your every video. Because a custom clickable thumbnail helps you a lot getting more views on your video. How to add a Custom Thumbnail on YouTube,how to add thumbnail to youtube videos.

Here are some tips for thumbnails:

  • Should have a resolution of 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels)
  • Upload in either.JPG,.GIF,.BMP, or.PNG
  • Keep it under 2MB
  • You should use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it’s the most used in YouTube

Don't be confuse. You can make a custom thumbnail by Photoshop or you can use Canva to design a thumbnail for YouTube videos in minutes for free.

4. Promote videos on Social media (Facebook, Twitter)

If you want to promote your video free with many people, you must share your video on social media. If you don't have, create some social media account today (most of them are free) and share your content now.

You can use these sites to promote your YouTube videos:

  • Facebook page
  • Pinterest profile
  • Instagram profile
  • Twitter profile

You should always share your video regularly to keep your feed up to date. Don't forget to use #hashtags on your post, so that others can easily discover them. [BEST] YouTube Thumbnail Downloader - Save YT Video Thumbnails.

5. Great Descriptions.

Most of us avoid writing video description. But we should write about 1000 word video descriptions on what is the video about. It helps youtube to understand what is the video about and also helps the video ranking.

Here are some tips on video description:

  • Write a relevant description (don't misguide)
  • Use #hashtags on the description
  • Write at least 1000 character description

Don't know what is a hashtag or how to use it? Watch this video

So these are all the 5 Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views Free. Now your turn...

Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views

Well, now you learn how you can easily promote your youtube video for free and get more views. I hope you like this post. These tips and tricks will surely help you to get more views on your youtube video.

Let me hear about your promotion strategies! I’ll keep updating this post with all of the best ideas from the comments section. Download Snaptube App – Latest Version (Best YouTube Video Downloader).

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