How to view Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

Nowadays, everybody wants to use Wi-Fi services because it connects you to all around the world. Mostly shopping malls, service stations, and coffee shops offer you free Wifi services to use. Sometimes, we want to know the Wi-Fi password which once used in our smartphone or laptop. Suppose we want to enter existed WiFi password on another device like Tablets or PC. In the worst scenario, we required the password of our Wifi router which are not currently connected. Even sometimes we can’t remember our password because of long combination letters, numbers and scary symbols that are not easy enough to remember. So, if you have already password for wireless network and you believe it is already stored in your devices, you can easily retrieve it. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to show Wi-fi password on Windows 10, so you can easily connect your new gadget without asking for help.

Find WiFi Networks Password via CMD

Step 1: Open CMD

Step 2: Enter command”netsh wlan show profiles

Find WiFi Networks Password via CMD
Find WiFi Networks Password via CMD
Step 3: Enter command “netsh wlan show profile name=GoribPola key=clear

Step 4: Security setting -> Key Content: “Your Password

Find Wireless Password via Network Properties

Step 1: Enter Wifi in Start Menu Search Box, and Open “Wi-fi settings

Find Wireless Password via Network Properties
Find Wireless Password via Network Properties

Step 2: Select “Change adapter options
Change adapter options

Step 3: Click on Wi-fi -> Status

Step 4: Click on “Wireless Properties” -> “Security” -> “Show Characters

Note: if still, you have some confusion to view saved Wi-Fi password on Windows 10.

Ways To Find All Saved Wifi Passwords In Windows 10

Go to Control Panel –> Network and Internet –> Network and Sharing Center. Click on the active Wifi connection. Click on Properties to open Wifi network properties. Go to the Security tab and select Show characters to reveal the current Wifi password.

Click on the Wireless Properties button and then click on the Security tab. Here you will see a text field called Network security key. Go ahead and check the Show characters box and you'll now be able to see the WiFi security password. Note that this is just the WiFi password of the currently connected WiFi network.
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