SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh All Education Board Results

SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh All Education Board Results

SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet under the education board of Bangladesh will be published through Students are very excited to know the SSC exam result 2020 in Bangladesh. After publishing the online SSC result of 2020 bd students visit here and there to know their results. Some people look for the result online quickly. Don’t worry you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to check the result of SSC 2020.  Dakhil Result 2020 Madrasah Board and SSC vocational exam result in Bangladesh also publish by Madrasah board and Technical board respectively on the same day.

    SSC Result 2020 Published Date & Time by Education Board of Bangladesh. The results of Secondary School Certificate (SSC)—and its equivalent examinations—for 2020 have been published. SSC & Dakhil Result 2020 Published Date is Very Important For The Students Who Attend The SSC Exam 2020. SSC Exam is one of The Top Public Examinations in Bangladesh. It is compulsory to know that SSC is the mid-level Public exam in Bangladesh. The Examination Was Started From 1st February under Bangladesh Education Board. Ministry of Education Conduct The SSC & Equivalent Examinations.

    Update: The Prime Minister will release the results and statistics of SSC and equivalent examinations held in 2020 through video conference from Ganobhaban on May 31 at 10 am. The date and time has been confirmed in a letter sent from the Prime Minister's Office on Thursday.

    The Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dhakil and equivalent examinations Result Publish at Same Date and Time. So, Here You Will Find The Result Publish Date, Checking System. Through This Post, We Will Cover Online and SMS System To Get Result. SSC Vocational Result 2020 Details Will Cover later.

    SSC Result 2020 Published Date & time

    When student complete the SSC exam, then they want to know, when SSC result 2020 will publish? For those persons, we are going to tell you exactly the SSC exam result date. As per SSC Routine 2020, the secondary school certificate exam, SSC Vocational and Dakhil exam 2020 started from 3rd February 2020 and the written exam will be finished 27th February 2020. According to the education board of Bangladesh, education board Bangladesh SSC result should be published within 60 days after the exam finishing date. With the calculation, we can say that the bd SSC result 2020 will be published on the 7th of May (Thursday) 2020. Hopefully, this is the date of the SSC education board result 2020 as well as SSC Vocational Result 2020 and Dakhil Madrasah board result.

    SSC Result 2020 Published Date & time

    SSC Result Date 2020:  May 31 (Sunday) 2020.

    Dakhil Exam Result Published Date 2020

    SSC Result, Dakhil result, SSC vocational result is published on the same day. Generally, the result publishing date is declared in Bangladesh’s daily newspaper as well as an online news portal. If you have a connection with your educational institute you will be able to know the exact result publishing date of Dakhil.

    Check Dakhil Result 2020 Madrasah Board CLICK HERE

    How To Check Bangladesh SSC Result 2020

    There are two ways to check the online SSC education board result in 2020. Both are a reliable process. Most of the people think the SSC result 2020 bd check online process is very difficult. But we want to say, this is very simple and easy. The process is near about similar to the JSC Result 2020 checking system. You can check your SSC result with mark sheet 2020 on your mobile phone if you have an internet connection. However, two websites for checking online result in SSC is given below. By this website, you can quickly check your result of SSC.

    • SSC Result 2020
    • Web-Based SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet SSC Result 2020

    To check SSC result bd 2020, the ministry of education website is the most common way to get SSC online result 2020. This is the main website of the Bangladesh education board to check the exam results in Bangladesh. After publishing the result, huge people visit this web site. Getting a Bangladesh SSC result on this website is very simple and easy. Now we are going to tell you details and try to give you proper instructions.

    SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet DOWNLOAD All Education Board
    SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet DOWNLOAD All Education Board

    • At first, go to official website. You will find a new window. Which looks like the above image. There are 6 options in this new window that you need to fill up to get a bd SSC result. Such as Examination, Year, Board, Roll, Reg: No and Captcha.
    • Select SSC/Dakhil from the Examination drop-down button.
    • Select Your passing Year 2020. Note that, you can find any old result from this window.
    • Select Your Education Board from this area. Such as Barisal.
    • Write Your Roll number carefully. Example: 1234567
    • Write your registration number in Reg: No area. Example 48485957
    • Fill the captcha box. Look at the left side, under the Reg: No. You can see an equation. Example 1 + 7, like this. If this mathematical equation result is 8 then write 8 in the captcha area.
    • Finally, If your given information is correct then click on the “Submit” button below.

    After a moment, you can see another window whare your SSC education board result will be available. Check your name and father name etc to be confirmed that this is your s s c result 2020.

    Web-Based SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet

    This web-based result is another popular way to get SSC Result 2020 mark sheet. That means, we want to say about Most of the people get the SSC result with mark sheet in this way. But the problem is that many students don’t know how to use this option properly. Don’t worry, read our below instructions to know SSC Marksheet Download process.

    Web-Based SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet
    Web-Based SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet

    • At the first visit, to get a result window. Initially, you can see four options, such as Examination, Year, Board and Result Type. You must have to fill up the correct information.
    • Click on the first drop-down arrow button named “Choose One” in the Examination area. Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent.
    • The second option is the Year. You need to select your passing year 2020.
    • Select your Board from this area. Example- Dhaka
    • Click on the Result Type drop-down arrow button. You will see some options. Such as Individual Result, Institution Result, Centre Result, District Result, Institution Analytics, Board Analytics. If you want to get your single result then select “Individual Result” option from the list
    • Then automatically you will get three information boxes. Write your correct Roll number.
    • Write your registration number. Although it is optional.
    • This is the Security Key option. Middle of the Security Key text and Reload red button you can see a colored text. This is the security key. Look at the key carefully then type this key into the white box. If you can not realize the key clearly then click on the “Reload” red button.
    • Finally, Click on the “Get Result” green button.

    A new window will have appeared in front of you. This window is your expected SSC exam 2020 result. Check your name, father name, etc to be confirmed.

    How To Get SSC Marksheet With Number

    We already know that the SSC Result 2020 mark sheet is available online. Now time to be familiar with the checking method. For SSC Marksheet Download you have to follow below instructions.

    Keep in your mind– Without registration number, you can’t see or download SSC result 2020 with mark sheet.

    • Step-1: Go to
    • Step-2: You’ll redirect to a result checking page (like the above image).
    • Step-3: Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent from Examination name.
    • Step-4: Choose 2020 from the Year option.
    • Step-5: Select your Education Board name from the Board option.
    • Step-6: Click on Result Type.
    • Step-7: Select “Individual Result”.
    • Step-8: Input Roll Number in Roll box.
    • Step-9: Input Registration Number in Registration (optional) box. To download mark sheet you must be filled up this section.
    • Step-10: Fill up the Security Key.
    • Step-11: Click Get Result.

    If all the provided data are correct you’ll get the SSC Result with Marksheet. (As an example, see the below image).

    How To Get SSC Marksheet With Number
    How To Get SSC Marksheet With Number

    Get SSC result 2020 by SMS

    You can collect SSC education board result in 2020 using many alternatives. The SSC result in 2020 by SMS System is one of them. Many people don’t know this process. But it’s easy if you do it smartly. If you want to check SSC Scholarship Result 2020 then you can read another article.

    To avoid this type of embarrassing situation someone prefers the SSC result SMS system. In this system, no need for an internet connection. Or have not server down problem. So without any interruption SSC exam result, 2020 can be collected using this system.

    Go to your mobile phone message option and then type the below formats.

    SMS Format For General Board

    SSC <space> 1st 3 Letter of Your Board Name <space> Your Roll Number <space> Your Exam Year and send it to 16222.
    Example: SSC DHK 778899 2020 and send 16222

    SMS Format for Dakhil Result (Madrasah Education Board)

    Dakhil <space> 1st 3 Letter of Madrasah Education Board Name <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222.
    Example: Dakhil MAD 334455 2020 and send 16222 

    SMS Format for Vocational Result

    SSC <space> 1st 3 Letter of Technical Education Board Name <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222.
    Example: SSC TEC 112233 2020 and send 16222 

    Education Board Short Code

    • Dhaka Education Board: DHA
    • Rajshahi Education Board: RAJ
    • Comilla Education Board: COM
    • Chittagong Education Board: CHI
    • Barisal Education Board: BAR
    • Sylhet Education Board: SYL
    • Dinajpur Education Board: DIN
    • Jessore Education Board: JES
    • Technical Education Board: TEC
    • Madrasah Education Board: MAD
    There are some factors-

    • Standard SMS charges apply. Maybe it would be 2.30 TK each SMS.
    • One SMS is applicable for one result. That means you can collect only one roll’s result through each SMS.
    • Any mobile operator SIM is eligible for this process.
    • Sometimes result receives lately (depend on the network).
    • You have to input all the information accurately.

    Check School Wise SSC result 2020 bd

    To get school wise SSC result 2020 at first you have to visit
    In the new window, you have to first select your education board name.
    Enter your EIIN.
    Now select Type of Result “SSC/Equivalent”.
    Finally, Click on the “Get Institution Result” Button.

    Check Board Wise SSC Education Board Result 2020 BD

    Every education boards have an official website. Most of the board in Bangladesh publish SSC Result separately after publishing the result. All education board website list is given below for your kind attention. Just visit any website and check the SSC corner or SSC Notice board to get updated information.

    General Board Result

    Alternative Boards Result

    What You Should do after SSC Result?

    We hope you have already got your SSC exam result 2020 as per our given instruction. If you got a good result, then you must have to make a decision about your life. What should you do now? Where you should admit? And what is the process for admission? Do not worry, we are here. We have already published two articles, one is XI Class Admission and another is Polytechnic Admission. By these articles, you can get a full concept of the admission process and circular instruction of 2020. Just go there and read carefully.

    Education Board List In Bangladesh

    According to Wikipedia, there are 11 education boards in Bangladesh. Among them, nine are regional board and two are alternative education boards. They are responsible for conducting the examinations for the JSC, SSC, HSC level. The boards are also responsible for the recognition of private sector educational institutes.

    There are nine regional boards:

    • Barisal Education Board.
    • Chittagong Education Board.
    • Comilla Education Board.
    • Dhaka Education Board.
    • Jessore Education Board.
    • Mymensingh Education Board.
    • Rajshahi Education Board.
    • Sylhet Education Board.
    • Dinajpur Education Board.

    Two alternative education boards:

    • Technical Education Board.
    • Madrasah Education Board

    SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh All Education Board Results

    Due To Corona Virus Current Situation, SSC Result 2020 Will Publish later from Traditional Date and Time. Find The New Date and Time For Publishing SSC Exam Result 2020.

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