10 Dimensions of the Universe

10 Dimensions of the Universe

According to string theory, the universe is generally assumed to have 10 dimensions.

0D: Zero dimension refers to a small dot that is fixed in one place.

1D: The 1st dimension is a straight line connecting two points.

2D: The second dimension is the picture drawn on the notebook page.

3D: The third dimension is our real-world which can go up and down with right and left.

10 Dimensions of the Universe

4D: The fourth dimension is time. The time we are in. In fact, we feel time. But we can't go to that place. (Time machine)

5D: Fifth Dimension. Well, we move forward with time but we can't go backward. If we could go back in time to the past, it would be the fifth dimension.

6D: In the sixth dimension. In this case, we can take the time back and forth as well as left and right. For example, if a student cannot decide that he should not study medicine, he can study medicine once and see if he succeeds. Will be able to take engineering back to the past.

7D: Seventh Dimension. Where a student is once a doctor, then he is an engineer back in the past. Now the student's doctor and engineer can meet both of them.

8D: In the 7th dimension, these seven-dimensional worlds can be one with another seven-dimensional worlds. That is, from the birth of the same person, there will be another form which will be located in another world. And the two forms can be combined with each other. There were two entities at the time of taking the career, in this case, from birth).

Unlike 9 & 10D: 8D, we can connect with other parallel worlds in nine and ten dimensions.

10 Dimensions of the Universe

(It is better to say here that all dimensions except time are dimensions of space)

Since the universe is of ten dimensions. So the dimensions of everything in the universe are ten.
For example,
a person who was born on earth is born and resides in ten other worlds at the same time.

Now come to the invisible object.
Only 4% of the universe is visible. The remaining 96% is invisible.

And 21% of the hidden matter of the invisible mass. The remaining 75% is hidden energy.

The question is, why can't we see or feel these?

Humans are three-dimensional beings so they will never be able to enter those worlds. They will not even see their counterparts. But what will happen if human beings cannot enter? Creatures of other dimensions.

According to string theory, 11D is also thought to exist Whether it is 11D or infinite, the one who has knowledge of dimension after 10D is the creator.

Source: https://www.universetoday.com/48619/a-universe-of-10-dimensions/
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