15 New Features of Xiaomi MIUI 12

15 New Features of Xiaomi MIUI 12

With the new user interface and visual design, Xiaomi has brought its new MIUI skin, MIUI12. Many changes have been made to the MIUI 12, including new dark mode, improved privacy, and smooth animation. Let's take a look at 15 notable new features and changes to MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.

MIUI continues to be one of the most popular Android skins around, with over 400 million users around the world. Xiaomi being the number one handset manufacturer in India means there are over 100 million MIUI users in India alone, and in recent years the Chinese manufacturer made decent strides in optimizing the skin for a global audience.

15 New Features of MIUI 12
15 New Features of MIUI 12

Always On Display Library

The Always On Display feature was first added to MIUI11. However, in the meantime, a huge template library of Always On Display has been added to MIUI12A, from which users can find their choice.

Improved animation

More smooth animations have been added to MIUI 12A than MIUI11A. Xiaomi claims that the user experience of the phone will be better due to the improvement of animation.

Notification bar

The notification bar has been completely redesigned in MIUI12. From now on, only notification e will be seen in the notification center. The Quick Control Center has been separated from the notification bar.
15 New Features of MIUI 12

Control center

The MIUI 12A has a control center that looks a lot like iOS. Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data - everything can be controlled as before using the Control Center. There is also the opportunity to customize the control center at will. The new control center can be accessed via a down swipe in the upper right corner of the phone.

Dark Mode 2.0

The dark mode of MIUI 12 has been further improved. In the past, MIUI 11 users had to suffer a lot to read the text in dark mode. The auto color contrast feature currently added in dark mode will solve this problem. Also, almost every app will work in a dark mode in MIUI12A.

15 New Features of MIUI 12

Visual change

MIUI 12A has undergone major changes to improve the visual experience. Battery status or storage check, visually pleasing design has been added in all cases.

App drawer

An app drawer similar to Poco phone's app drawer has been added to MIUI12A. This new app drawer can be activated from the default launcher's settings.

Camera UI

Finally the change in the camera app of L MIUI 12. The new interface of the camera app will be seen in MIUI12A.

Dynamic and super wallpapers

New dynamic wallpapers have been added to MIUI12A. Also added is a kind of hybrid live wallpaper called Super Wallpaper which provides all the awesome transitions and animations.

15 New Features of MIUI 12

Privacy Protection

To protect privacy, three new privacy modes have been added to the Privacy Protection menu, which will protect the privacy of important user information as needed.

Native Android navigation

Finally, Android's native navigation system was added to MIUI12. The MiUI 12 powered phone can be operated using the navigation bar at the bottom of the phone.

Permission notification

When an app uses new permission, a system has been added to the MIUI12 to inform users of that information via a small notification in the top left corner of the phone. This will allow users to stay informed about their phone's permissions and access.

Floating window

The opportunity to run any app in a separate floating window has been added to MIUI12A. Starting from YouTube, even games can be run using this floating window.

15 New Features of MIUI 12

New health app

The new health app has been added to MIUI12. All the basic health-related features have been added to this health app, such as step counter, slip tracker, etc.

Weather app

The weather app, Weather, has been streamlined. Changes have been made to the design of the app. The interface of the app will also change with the weather.

15 New Features of MIUI 12 Supported device users will get the MIUI 12 update soon. Find out which devices will get MIUI 12 update from this post.
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