Advance YouTube SEO - Your video will appear on the first page.

Advance YouTube SEO - Your video will appear on the first page.

How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast

It currently takes less than 5 minutes to create a channel on YouTube. But did you know that only 10 percent of YouTube channels are successful? The remaining 90 percent are fighting with that 10 percent channel every day. If you are one of those 90 percent YouTubers then you should read this post from beginning to end. Because here I will give some Important Tips that will help you to make your YouTube channel successful.

    how to rank youtube videos fast
    how to rank youtube videos fast

    Remember I talked about High Traffic Keyword-er here.

    How to rank youtube videos Before this post, we learned a lot about YouTube SEO on ThugsofBD. Since this post is written about YouTube Advance SEO, I would like you to read this post if you haven't read about Basic YouTube SEO then you can read this post by clicking on the link below.

    YouTube Advance SEO

    1.Video Length

    Have you ever wondered how long a video you upload to YouTube should be? I don't think you ever think about it!

    But from today you have to think about it.

    I've been noticing one thing on YouTube for about 2 months now, about 75% of the videos that come up between 1 and 10 when you search for any keyword on YouTube are longer than 10 minutes. Look at the picture below. I did a search on YouTube by typing "YouTube SEO", you can see what came up in the result. All over 10 minutes.

    2.Target Keyword Magic

    Talk about Target Keyword at least twice in the video.

    You don't understand what I mean. Then I say a little easier.

    Suppose you want to upload a video, you must have a topic, right?

    For example, suppose the topic of your video is "Fashion Tips", then as me, you have to say "Fashion Tips" in the first 1 minute of the video and in the last 1 minute. This will match your SEO very well. And think of it as light.

    If you do not believe this, you can ask a YouTube expert.

    3.Comment & Subscriber Visibility

    Did you hide your "Comment Section" and "Subscriber Count"?

    Then you are doing very wrong. Because YouTube crawls your comments to see what is the ratio of positive and negative comments in your video. Then YouTube decides where your video is located, not the end but the first.

    And what a shame if there are fewer subscribers, first of all everyone has less subscribers, for this you should not hide the subscriber count. This is a very bad thing. This can be detrimental to your YouTube SEO.

    4. Start Blogging

    If you are very serious about your channel then you can be Blogging to support the channel on YouTube. This will benefit you in two ways. Firstly, your YouTube channel will grow and secondly, your blog will also grow.

    YouTube is the best free video streaming website out there on the site. The reason why users prefer watching videos on YouTube is that it allows users to view premium-quality content for free.

    You can send your YouTube Subscribers to your blog and convert blog visitors to YouTube viewers.

    How to Become Trending on YouTube?

    • Do Keyword Research 
    • Create Trending Content 
    • Ideal Length 
    • Get Better Watch Time 
    • Relevant title, video description, tags, etc. 
    • Maintain Consistency

    Advance YouTube SEO - Your video will appear on the first page.
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