Android 11 Release Date: When will I get the Android 11 update?

Android 11 Release Date: When will I get the Android 11 update?

Android 11 Release Date: When will I get the Android 11 update? The developer preview of Android 11 has been released about a month before the time when Google usually brings out the new version of Android. Although this preview build is not for general users as it has a lot of bugs and can be highly unstable, which is best for developers! But even then this new Android version is packed with some cool features that are worth trying!

Android 11 Release Date
Android 11 Release Date

If you have a Google Pixel device, you can now experience this by installing the Android 11 Developer Preview. It can be installed on all devices from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 Excel, but this time the Pixel 1 family will not receive this update.

When will I get the Android 11 update?

Since it is a developer-only release, it is better not to install this Android 11 for the common users now, besides lagging the phone, everything may be deleted from the phone. We will have to wait until the user-friendly version is released. But how long to wait? Google has created a road map with the release of its Android 11;

  • Developer Preview 1 (February)
  • Developer Preview 2 (March)
  • Developer Preview 3 (April)
  • Public Beta 1 (May)
  • Public Beta 2 (June)
  • Public Beta 3 (Q3) (Expected: July)
  • Final Release (Q3) (Expected: August)

After testing the new API feature and support in the developer preview 1 version, the developers will be asked for feedback and then move to the next version Android 11. Public beta versions will be released from May that the average user will be able to test.

Google has said that its Android 11 public beta version 2 will be much more stable. So if you don't want to use Unstable Android 11, I would recommend to delay it till June, even if Beta 2 is released, then it will be ok to install it on your device! Moreover, it will be easy to install the beta version, you can easily install it through OTA update!

Now let's talk about the final release of Android 11. Android 10 came out in September last year. And since Google started everything a month ago and looking at their road map, it is known that the final release will be in August. But you can start using it from June if you have a Pixel device!

After August, the devices of different companies will be gradually added and we will continue to share the updates with Android 11!

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