6 Easy Ways to Keep WordPress Websites Safe

6 Easy Ways to Keep WordPress Websites Safe

How to Secure my Website Nowadays it is seen that most of the websites that are being created are made with WordPress CMS. It is a software that stores all the information such as text, photos, files, documents, etc., which is an open-source blogging software created by PSP, MySQL and you can easily create your own WordPress blog site or website. 12% of the world's 40,000,000 websites use it.

    How to protect WordPress Website

    How to secure WordPress website from hackers Since WordPress is being used when creating websites, there is a possibility of website hacking if you do not know about WordPress security when creating websites. So you need to know about WordPress Security-

    How to Secure my Website
    How to Secure my Website

    Below are  6 ways to keep your WordPress website secure:

    Keep WordPress updated regularly

    Keeping regular updates is the first and foremost issue of the security of WordPress software. Often WordPress releases new updates with the aim of fixing their various bugs and bringing new features. So it is better to update the WordPress site after the update. Because if your site is not updated, hackers can easily hack your website through the bugs of the previous software.

    Using complex passwords: 

    WordPress should use strong passwords for its security. Many people use passwords with their own name or date of birth or mobile number to remember so that someone they know or hackers can hack your website knowing this information through various sources.

    So you can use hard passwords for your websites, such as letters, numbers, and symbols. Then the security of your site will be largely ensured.

    Installing SSL Security:

    SSL is an encryption protocol that is provided for the security of the website. The server transmits encrypted data when a user provides information on an SSL-certified website to its browser so that a third party cannot read such data. WordPress website security As a result, the data that the user inputs on the website with SSL are secure. WordPress security plugin

    Setting up and using SSL for WordPress websites is not very difficult. SSL is available in two ways-

    • 3rd party e.g. RapidSSL.
    • Available from hosting providers. However, the hosting providers will make a feature plan of their choice. It can be obtained without any cost depending on the hosting.

    Installing Firewall: 

    WordPress is another security system associated with a firewall - a firewall is a script that protects computers from a variety of online threats. It controls the flow of data from one network to another. It monitors and controls outgoing network traffic just as it monitors and controls incoming traffic.

    You can install firewall security on your WordPress website. This type of firewall security will protect your website from viruses, malware, and hackers.

    Regular site backup:

    Website backup is very important for WordPress security. If the site data is deleted for any reason, the site can be recovered with this backup file. In that case, there are several plugins on the WordPress website to keep backups.

    Keep the theme and plugin updated

    The themes and plugins you use should always be updated to the WordPress version. Take a good look before using each plugin and theme. Unnecessary plugins and themes cannot be installed.

    In the end, following the 6 steps or methods mentioned above will help you to protect your WordPress hosting site from being hacked.
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