Facebook's New Discover App will Provide Free Internet Service

Facebook's New Discover App will Provide Free Internet Service

There is no end to Facebook's efforts to bring people online. They have many projects including Free Basics, Free Messenger, Zero Facebook to get people used to using the internet. Following this, Facebook published its new initiative Facebook Discover. Discover is Facebook’s new effort to help people access websites for free — but with limits.
Discover from Facebook
Discover from Facebook

You might be wondering why Discover again to have free basics! Yes, at first the question came to my mind. Free Basics app and some websites can be visited for free by Facebook on the site. But with Facebook's new Discover app, you can visit any website using a certain amount of mobile data.

There is nothing to be too excited about right now. Because Facebook may not show any pictures or videos on the sites you visit in the Discover app. Basically, any website can be visited using a limited amount of data from this Discover app and Discover website in agreement with the respective mobile operator.

You can use Discover on your mobile phone to search and browse the internet using an amount of free data each day if you have a SIM card from a participating mobile operator. Browse the internet using free daily data to read the daily news, get live sports updates, find jobs, look up the weather, and more. When using free data, Discover does not support video, audio, or other data-intensive content. The amount of free data provided for browsing with Discover is determined by your operator and may be subject to limitations. You can always choose to browse video, audio, or other data-intensive content on the internet subject to standard data charges from your operator.

However, the amount of this data and the content of the website, that is, only the text can be seen or the picture can be seen through the mobile operator and Facebook discussion.

Facebook has a new connectivity app called Discover to help those who can’t afford to get online access information on the web.

The service, available through mobile web and Android app, allows users to visit any website in text format (no video, images, audio, and other elements that eat up large amounts of data) and consume a few megabytes of internet data.

For Discover, which is part of the company’s Free Basics initiative, Facebook is working with mobile operators in Bitel, Claro, Entel, and Movistar. Discover is currently available in Peru, where it is in the initial testing phase.

In Peru, Discover is offering 10MB of free data to users each day. A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch that the partner mobile operator determines the daily data allowance, and it anticipates operators in other countries where Discover would be tested to offer up to 20MB each day.

But nothing is set in stone. “We’ll be assessing how people are using Discover and the amount of daily data more during the trials and may work with our operator partners on adjustments going forward,” the spokesperson said, adding that mobile operators will also determine whether support for photos could be added to Discover.

Using it you can get all the necessary information like emergency news or weather information. And there are free basics for using Facebook for free.

Currently, the Discover app is only available in Peru, meaning it has not yet arrived in all countries. Maybe at some point in the future, Facebook will launch Discover Soon For All Country. If you want to use the Discover app sitting, you have to wait for that day.
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