Free Facebook Cover Template – Download 3000+ Free Template

Free Facebook Cover Template. Facebook could be one of the best places to market your business. Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users. So, whatever business you do, whatever services you provide you will get your target market on there.

Free Facebook Cover Template
Free Facebook Cover Template

The Facebook cover photo is work like a Billboard. You can showcase your products and your service on your cover photo. Or you can promote your branded hashtags.

What is the Facebook cover photo:

A cover photo is the larger photo at the top of your business page or profile, above your profile picture. The cover photos are public, Like your profile picture which means anyone visiting your profile will be able to see them.

How to Change Facebook cover photo

Changing Facebook cover photos is very easy. If you want to change your Facebook cover photo all you have to do is hover your mouse on your cover section on Facebook. You will see a camera icon. Click over the camera icon and you will see some option. If you want you can use your existing photos or videos. You can upload a new photo or video. You can also use a slide there.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

A Facebook cover is the bigger size image on Facebook. This is the most visible picture on your Facebook business page. The default size of 820 x 312 on desktops and 640 x 360 on smartphones.

There are little changes you will see on your personal profile and business cover. The perfect size of a personal profile cover image is 851 x 315 on desktops and 640 x 360 on smartphones. And business image cover 820 x 312 on desktops and 640 x 360 on smartphones

As per the latest updated information, the best size to create a Facebook cover image is 820 X 461. This is a safe zone. Where you can showcase your product or services.

The design size of 820 x 461 gives the best viewing results both in desktops and mobiles.

How to Get Free Facebook Cover Template

There are some places where you can get some free Facebook cover templates. This place is as follows… This is one of the best places where you can get some awesome PSD template for your Facebook cover photos. They have over 2,666 facebook cover graphics. Most of them are free some of them you need to buy. All you have to do is visit the site and search Facebook cover photos it will appear with too many awesome free and paid templates. Another great tool that you can use. This is an awesome tool to customize your selected template. All you have to do it visit the site and create an account. Now it’s time to make your business cover photos. You can select any template from there collection and you can edit them. I love this graphic creator tool online. This is one of the best tools I have ever seen. All you have to do it visit the site create an account. Log in to your account and select a Facebook cover option. You will get hundreds of prebuilt templates there. Select one and redesign according to your business and service. They have hundreds of premade templates. And it’s free to use, sized appropriately, and super easy to customize. If you are new in then visit the site create an account it’s completely free.

These free to use tool can help you to generate great ideas about your Facebook business page and profile cover photo.

All of you know that Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the planet. If you want to take advantage of this website you need to create a business page for your business.

You have to optimize your Facebook business page properly it can help you to get success in a short time.

If you don’t know how to create a Facebook business page or you don’t know how to optimize your page properly you can check out my previous article.
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