How to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Marketing

How to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Marketing

Are you worried about selling or improving your business?
Can't increase sales in any way?
Do you want to double your business sales from now on?
Then this article is for you.  Read the whole article carefully in just 5 minutes, you can get some amazing ideas to increase the sales of your product, which will increase the sales of your product more than double.

How to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Marketing
How to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Marketing 

Did you know that there are more than 2.50 billion Facebook users now? Most of the Facebook users are educated. Most of them live in the city. where the total number of internet users was just over, now there are more than 60  million people using the internet.

Did you know that goods and services worth billions of rupees are being bought and sold every day through online e-commerce sites and Facebook?

By expanding your business online, you can double or triple your sales through digital marketing.
You can reach your target customer online. You can easily reach those who are sitting to buy your product. You can create new customers for your product.

1. What is digital marketing?

- Digital marketing is the delivery of a product or service to a super targeted customer using digital technology (Internet service). The current era is the digital age. You live in a world of digital technology. As such, your business must be done through digital marketing. You can work through digital marketing at a relatively low cost.

2. What is Facebook Marketing?

- Can you tell me clearly why you use Facebook?
Need a professional? Or just to stay connected with friends and family?

No matter what reason you use Facebook, anyone who sees your Facebook posts and engagements will be able to form an idea about you. You can easily understand your choice, your behavior, your thoughts.

Facebook is constantly adding professional features to increase its popularity.
Facebook is now used for business purposes more than for personal reasons.  From Facebook pages to groups, everything is now being managed for business or professional reasons. Many small or big businesses are being run around Facebook. Which we also call E-Commerce.
And since this is happening, it means that the demand for Facebook marketing will increase day by day. You will have the opportunity to further develop your business by using the Facebook platform.

3. Why does your business need Facebook marketing?

- According to the 2016 survey, the number of monthly active users of Facebook is 1.6 billion. The number of Facebook users per day is 1.15 billion. The number of users who use Facebook on mobile is 1.84  billion. The number of pictures uploaded on Facebook every day is 300 million.
The average time spent per visitor on Facebook is 20 minutes. Every minute, 510,000 comments, 293,000 statuses and 1,36,000 images are uploaded.

16 million local business pages have been created on Facebook. 42% of businesses think Facebook is the main tool of their business.  About 50% of users aged 18-24 use Facebook as soon as they wake up, or it is said that they wake up when they come to Facebook. According to a report, Facebook users are growing at a rate of 16% per year and it continues to grow.

- Think about what you mean by conventional marketing. Posters, banners, leaflets, billboards, miking, graffiti, office visits, etc. Now let's talk about one of the methods that you can target, can you target your marketing? No, you can't.
Because if you are in Uttara of Dhaka then it will be difficult for you to sell products in Dhanmondi. Many buyers love to buy products from their nearest store or organization. Again, why to take from you by excluding many institutions around them?   If you think of them as TV or radio, I will say one thing, the cost of advertising in two ways is much higher and it is not possible for all traders to advertise.

The popular televisions and big magazines also rely on Facebook to increase their popularity. Their advertising is decreasing day by day.

So you understand, where are the problems of your conventional advertising? But think of digital marketing, this way you can easily reach your target customer online. You will be able to do business without having to worry about targeting customers in that area. Once the customer is here you can actually hold them forever.  But you must give your customers good products and services honestly.

4. What are the benefits?

- Can target any specific area based customer
- The best place to sell and promote all small and large businesses
- You are Restaurant Dealer, Mobile Showroom, Gazettes, Car Showroom, Book Sale, Clothes Three-Piece, Shirt-Genji, Cosmetics, Travel Agent, Resort, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital, School-College-Private University, Bank, Insurance Anything Doing business, it is possible to sell all business products or services on Facebook.
- Easily understand customer needs

5. How can you?

- You need to gain a lot of skills on Facebook Ads, otherwise, you will just waste a lot of money. You need to know how, where, at what time, in which area you will find customers.  Many people think that boosting means Facebook ads but the sad thing is that many people are losing a lot of money just by boosting because they don't know it well.

Many people come to us and talk about their loss. There are many secret equations of Ed on Facebook. If you can target properly, you can bet. Facebook ad  We had to spend years learning in-depth subjects.

If you don't have detailed knowledge of how to collect your customers with funnel and sieve, you will lose instead of profit.  Again, many people are using Facebook to sell products worth crores of rupees a month. Your decision is not to do anything profitable but to lose. If you want, you can spend a few years managing your business by acquiring skills on Facebook ads. It is very good if you do it yourself.
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