How to improve your internet Connection During Lockdown

How to improve your internet Connection During Lockdown

Internet speeds still slow on your Phone

Everyone is under house arrest in the coronavirus situation. So the internet is being used the most at this time. But a new problem has been seen in the use of the Internet. During this lockdown, the speed of the internet has dropped in many places in one go. As a result, ordinary people are facing some problems in using the internet. So here we will tell you how you can increase your mobile internet speed by changing some settings of your phone. 4 Best Internet Speed Test Sites Free.

improve your internet Connection
improve your internet Connection

Coronavirus lockdown: tips to boost your internet speed

First, you need to know the internet speed of your mobile. Today, almost all phones are pre-loaded with internet network speedometers. But if you still do not have an internet speed checker on your smartphone, you can go to the Google Play Store and install any one app.

Keep YouTube and other video streaming platform’s video resolution in check

While streaming videos, do keep a check on the resolution. Try not to stream in the highest resolution when other devices are connected to the same signal. This will make your streaming slow and their networks slow as well.

Close those apps once the work is done

This is important. Just like browser tabs we mentioned above, make sure you dismiss the app as well when not in use. Keeping the apps running in the background means unwanted data consumption.

Let's take a look at the settings-

• Restart the phone-

This is the easiest way to increase the internet speed of the mobile. Restarting a mobile phone often increases internet speed. Or you can try turning off mobile data once and turning it on again.

Turn on flight mode-

In addition to restarting the mobile, you can turn on the flight mode of your mobile to increase the internet speed of the mobile. However, in some mobiles, this flight mode is given as airplane mode. Once turned on and off, there is a possibility of increasing the internet speed of the mobile.

Check data usage-

Most prepaid plans come with a daily data limit. And after the data limit is over, the internet speed decreases a lot. So before changing such settings, check your daily internet balance once.

Disable auto-download update-

Usually, the auto-update option is turned on when updating the app. So it would be better if you keep it off. As a result, when your mobile internet speed is good, the app will not be updated automatically. Rather you can surf the internet in a much better way.

Reset the phone's network settings-

However, many times it happens that changing the settings of the mobile phone reduces the internet speed. So you reset your phone's network settings once. However, the network speed can be increased quite a bit.

Working from home during lockdown means the guzzling of internet data more than what we usually do. Sometimes this means hitting the FUP limits before the month ends and sometimes working at a slow internet speed due to several devices connected to a single network. So how do you deal with slow internet connectivity at homes during this period? It’s no rocket science, following are some tips to get the most out of the limited internet speed.

Use ‘Lite’ versions of the browser on phones

Yes, try to use the ‘lite’ versions of browser like Chrome’s Lite mode, Opera Mini, Firefox Lite, and others instead of regular versions. These are designed to save data and load pages faster in limited or slow networks.

Close unwanted tabs on phones or laptops once used

Since each tab or webpage keeps refreshing in the background and takes a certain amount of data regularly, it is better to dismiss them, saving some data and prioritizing the current tab to get the work done faster.

Try to keep less devices connected to the network

Having several devices connected to a single Wi-Fi network also affects the internet speed. You can switch off your Smart TV, lock your laptops, activate airplane mode in tablets if not in use to keep as less devices on a network as possible so you get the most out of it.

Use web versions of Facebook or Twitter app

It is not necessary to keep using social media apps since these are used the most and take a lot of data. You can use the web version on your smartphones that is close enough to get all the work done. The same goes for Instagram, which is a picture and video-heavy platform.
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