Messenger will alert you when a fake message arrives

Messenger will alert you when a fake message arrives

"If you forward this message to 10 people, you will get good news in 10 days", from rumors like "BRAC Bank Lottery" we get all kinds of rumors on Facebook Messenger. Some people believe these messages and fall into the trap of scammers.

Messenger will alert you when a fake message arrives
Messenger will alert you when a fake message arrives

The good news is, a new feature is coming to Facebook Messenger that can solve at least some of this problem.

This feature will work mainly for messages from unfamiliar Facebook users. If someone on your Facebook friend list tells you about a surprise opportunity or a money-making message, Messenger will alert you. If there is any suspicion on Facebook, this warning can be seen in the chat window.

A pop-up will appear in Messenger stating that the person who sent the message is not in your friend's list. If his name matches partially / completely with the name of someone on your friend's list, then the messenger will also say that this person is not a person on your friend's list. So be careful about that.

If an adult outside the friendliest sends a message to a child (under 18) on Facebook, the messenger will warn the child that the message could be harmful to him or her.
This new feature will work on some keywords, which will help identify potential scams. For example, if someone sends a message like "Lottery" or "Bonus", then if Facebook looks at the sender's account history and sees that his behavior is suspicious, then Facebook will warn the recipient of the message. Facebook will do these things using machine learning.

At the same time the recipient of the message will get some options through which he can block and report the messenger. There will also be an opportunity to review his profile.

Facebook: We designed this safety feature to work with full encryption. People should be able to communicate securely and privately with friends and loved ones without anyone listening to or monitoring their conversations. As Messenger becomes end-to-end encrypted by default, we will continue to build innovative features that deliver on safety while leading on privacy. These safety notices will help people avoid potentially harmful interactions and possible scams while empowering them with the information and controls needed to keep their chats private, safe, and secure.

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