Never Post all This info on Facebook!

Never Post all This info on Facebook!

You share your whole life through Facebook. Maybe things that you never want to tell others about are being exposed to your carelessness. It is seen that others are getting more information than what they are sharing with their friends. Experts have said not to share 5 pieces of information on Facebook to avoid such uncomfortable situations.

    Never Post all This info on Facebook!
    Never Post all This info on Facebook!

    1. Phone number:

    Giving home or personal mobile numbers on the Facebook page means that prank callers, stockers, scammers, and identity thieves can steal this information and cause various incidents. In addition, anyone can find the page by searching with your phone number.

    2. Home address:

    Where he recently went on vacation can bring danger to the picture. Giving home address there is extremely foolish. If you have given this information in the 'Contact and Basic Info' section, remove it. Click 'Edit' and 'Save Changes'.

    3. Any information related to the profession:

    Don't post information on Facebook about where you work or where you work. When looking for an employee from your office or other organization, you may find some information or pictures that they may not like. These can cause major problems in your career. If you have the information, scan using Facebook's timeline tools. You can see your previous posts. If there is any professional information, remove it

    4. Relationship status:

    Relationships are a personal matter in life. Facebook is not the place to expose these. This creates many tensions in personal, family, and social life. Anyone can cause all kinds of problems with these. So do not always give status to the relationship.

    5. Any information regarding money

    Facebook can be used for free. But don't give your bank account number or credit card number etc. here. If you fall into the hands of hackers, you will be defeated. Once you use all this information sitting at home computer, but someone else can use it sitting at that computer and spend more money.
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