Things You Should Know Before Starting A Website

Things You Should Know Before Starting A Website

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Things You Should Know Before Starting A Website
Things You Should Know Before Starting A Website

In this age of globalization, everything is becoming online. The Internet is a huge contributor to the completion of all social and state activities, starting from individuals. And in such an age, what is the point of not having any personal or business online identity? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. But there are many limitations. There we cannot present ourselves or our business as our own. They have to stay within the boundaries of design and limitations. What else comes to perfection? No, it does not come. So today's special article is also for those who are thinking of creating a website for themselves or their business in the world of the internet.

Things You Should Know Before Starting A Website

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Basically, it can be done in two ways. Free and paid. If you want to do it for free, you can just go to,, and create your own profile like Facebook. What is the future of free things or products I hope no one knows. One thing to remember… your website but not for half a day, for life. So I am ending the topic of free here. And if you want to build a beautiful structure with an attractive design and complete information, then you must go to the website with paid or money. And for this, you need domain and hosting. This is the problem. Many, especially newcomers, play 12 hours on the website.

And for those who have no idea about domain/hosting, I am saying short-


Simply put, the address of your website is the domain of your website. For example, the domain of Facebook is You have to register the domain with money and pay rent every year.

Where can I get a domain?

There are many domain providers in our country where you can register a top-level domain for around 8-10$. This is for the registration fee. From next year you will have to pay 11-12$ per year.


There are many fake or fraudulent organizations who will offer you a domain for free or for 200/300/500 rupees সর্ব always beware of them. They will lure you with various offers in the 1st year and buy the domain, but from the next year, they will take the money from you. Then you will be forced to fulfill their demand to save the website. Otherwise, your website is over. So even if it costs a little more than that money, buy any hidden fee from them. Your website but for life, not for 1/2 day.

Let's talk about hosting

Hosting: Suppose you build a house. That's why you need to choose a place. Suppose you do a 2-acre sub house in Dhaka. So, Dhaka is the address of your domain or website and the amount of 2 acres is your hosting.

Where can I get hosting?

You will get hosting from those who sell domains. But in this case, also be always careful of fraudsters.

What is the price?

It depends on how many GB of hosting you want. If you have a personal website then 2 GB of hosting is enough and it is perfect. And the cost of 2 GB hosting is around 1400 rupees. Again if you do a business website then you have to pay attention to 10 GB or more (depending on the size of the business). It will cost you about 15-60$. It means that as you make R-Ki.

Try to get a domain and hosting from the same organization. Then they will make all the settings.

Many companies also offer affiliate marketing. In this way, they can earn a good amount of money later with their customer supply.

Things to keep in mind before buying hosting:

Loading speed:

The loading speed of the website must be high. If not, you will have to pay the penalty from Google. Find out what kind of loading speed they will give by talking to the hosting provider.


Your website visitors will depend on your bandwidth. If you buy more bandwidth then more visitors will come and if you buy less bandwidth then there will be a limit. So try to buy from those who give unlimited bandwidth.


It must be 99.99%. And usually, everyone gives 99.99%

Moneyback Guarantee-

Moneyback guarantee is very important. Many companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Before buying, make sure that the company is giving a money-back guarantee.


Be sure to buy from those who will provide 24-hour live support. This is very important

Control Panel-

You need a control panel to manage your web site. With the help of the control panel, you can easily manage your web site. Cpanel is the simplest and most feature-rich control panel in web hosting. So always think of taking Cpanel hosting.

Affiliate Marketing

My budget is low? Brother, how can I get better in less. You will not get better in less. However, you can buy it at 1300/1400 rupees and get the price up very quickly. Not only the price but also your regular income can be arranged. How? Before buying, find out if the company offers affiliate benefits. If you pay then you can earn a good amount by supplying them to the customer later.

Server load-

Make sure Savar is overloaded by talking to the company's support

SSD  and  HSD: Your hosting must be SSD. Talk to the support and find out if they are providing SSD or HSD.

You will also need to consider email, daily backup, personal client support, virus protection, etc.

Just keep in mind three things-

  1. Space
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Programming support

Considering these three simple things, you can easily identify the best hosting providers.
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