Xiaomi Accused of Collecting Users' Search and Browsing Data

Xiaomi Accused of Collecting Users' Search and Browsing Data

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user then there is important news for you. You can play the video above if you want or read the whole article here. Xiaomi MIUI Phones Sent User Data To Chinese Servers.

Recently, the US magazine Forbes quoted a cybersecurity researcher as saying that Xiaomi tracks the website browsing history of their default browser users. Even in incognito or private mode, if you visit a website or do a search on a search engine, Xiaomi saves them.

Xiaomi MIUI Phones Sent User Data To Chinese Servers
Xiaomi MIUI Phones Sent User Data To Chinese Servers

Xiaomi phones have Mi Browser Pro as the default browser, and they have another browser called Mint Browser. According to Google Play data, these have been downloaded more than 15 million times.

According to the cybersecurity researcher, Xiaomi stores users' browsing histories on their own servers while browsing with these browsers. However, nothing should be recorded on the device while browsing in incognito mode.

Xiaomi, meanwhile, says it does take some data from users' phone usage, but encrypts it and does not use the data to identify the user separately. This means that it will not be possible to identify the user by looking at these data.

But after the researcher showed through a video that Xiaomi was taking browsing history while browsing in private mode, Xiaomi said that such anonymous data collection is a common thing.
However, according to the researcher, the encryption that Xiaomi is talking about is a weak encryption method and it can be easily readable. It is also possible to identify which user's device this data was taken from if Xiaomi uses their metadata. However, Xiaomi has denied the allegations. And they say they value users' privacy and comply with local laws.

Gabby Serlig, a cybersecurity expert, first noticed this on his Redmi Note 8 phone. He later searched the firmware of Xiaomi Mi10, Redmi K20, Mi Mix 3, and suspected that many more Xiaomi phones, including those, were at risk of violating this privacy. Now let's see what steps Xiaomi takes to alleviate this concern.

In the digital world, the issue of privacy is very vague. Big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, all have their finger on the data privacy of users. Now Xiaomi is also added to this list.
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