30 Android Tips and Tricks Find out the Best Collection

30 Android Tips and Tricks Find out the Best Collection

Android Tips and Tricks. 30 Android Tips and Tricks Find out the Best Collection. From this post, you can know 30 best Android tips and tricks. Currently, Android-powered phones are doing exclusive business in the market. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Most of us use mobile phones for the internet, music, movies, calls, etc. As a result, some unknown tricks remain unknown to them throughout their lives. So today I will share with you 30 secrets, tips, and tricks android. Let's get started.

30 Android Tips and Tricks Find out the Best Collection
30 Android Tips and Tricks Find out the Best Collection

1. Wi-Fi Sharing

It is at the beginning of the list of the best Android tips and tricks. Everyone knows that you can share your mobile internet connection from Hotspot if you want. However, using the Data Share App, you can also share your phone's WiFi connection.

2. Outgoing Call Disable

If you want to disable the outgoing call of the phone at any particular time, just dial *# 31#, and the outgoing call will be disabled, and if you dial #31#, the call setting of the phone will be the same as before. Outgoing call disabled means no more calls from your phone. It is number 2 in the list of best Android tips and tricks.

3. Notification Recheck

Mistakenly cleared the important notification? No worries, you can see all the notifications by downloading a small app called Notification log.

4. Device Tracking

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone? You can easily find the location of the lost phone. However, for this, the Device Admin option must be turned on and the Find My Device option must also be turned on. Then go to any browser and go to link android.com/devicemanager and you can easily find the location of the phone. What did you say? Isn't this the best on the list of best Android tips and tricks?

5. Find your phone | Android Tips and Tricks

Suppose you have your mobile phone in your room but can't find it. Do not worry, the browser that launched the previous settings associated with your phone using Google ID, Ring A will have the option, and click on your phone will ring, even if silent.

6. Use Google Assistant to remember important information

Suppose you tell Google Assistant on your phone where you put your car key "Remember that my car key is in the 2nd drawer" - it says. Next time you ask the assistant "Where is my car key?" Then the assistant will tell you.

7. Use of Google Lens

It is number 7 in the list of best Android tips and tricks. Google Lens is doing a lot of work including translation of pictures. You can scan a piece of paper through Google Lens, copy the information, use it, and translate it into another language.

8. Showing the mobile screen on the TV screen

Using the Micro HDMI Cable you can connect your phone to the TV and view the phone screen on the TV screen.

9. Infrared Light Detection

We all have a TV in our house, it is not possible to see with the naked eye whether the function of the TV remote is working properly. So if you want you can identify the remote Infrared Red Light with the camera of the mobile. If you see the camera light, know that the remote is OK.

10. One way to bring last called the number to dial screen

Did you know that your last dialed number will appear on the dial screen as soon as you go to the dial pad and press the dial icon?

11. Easy Way To Get Rid Of Ad

When using various apps, you only need to turn on the Airplane Mode of your phone to get rid of unwanted ads.

12. The role of Airplane Mode in fast charging

 You can turn on Airplane Mode and charge your mobile to speed up the battery charge.

13. Tab Changing | Android Tips and Tricks

To go from one tab to another in Google Chrome, you just have to swipe in the Address Bar.

14. Games via Google Assistant

You can play different games with Google Assistant. For example, if you want to play "Kattakuti" as a child, you have to call the assistant "Play Tick Tack Toe", then the game will start.

15. Enabling Desktop View

Mobile views are usually turned on when using the Internet in different browsers. If you enable Desktop View from the menu, you can use a desktop view on mobile.

16. The trick for screen lock

Suppose you want your phone to be unlocked at a specific location. Follow the instructions below: Settings> Security & Lock> Enable Trusted Place Unlock.

17. Use of Equaliser

If you use Equaliser while listening to music on the phone, you will be able to hear the sound more clearly.

18. Easily uninstall the app

Usually, you have to give a little more time to uninstall the large size app of your phone. If you do the work from Play Store> My apps, then it will be easily done in less time.

19. Use of Developer Option

If the Animation scale is completely off or .5 from the Developers Option, the phone will seem to be operating fast.

20. Extra storage

When you insert the memory card in the mobile, select use as internal storage, you can use the memory card as internal storage. Note that this method should not be used unless the storage is very low.

21. Cache Cleaning | Android Tips and Tricks

In case of cleaning the storage of the phone, if you clean the cache of the apps, as the storage is emptied, the operating speed of the phone also increases.

22. Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter or Night Light should be used to protect the eyes from harmful light on mobile displays.

23. Webpage to pdf

To save different webpages in PDF format on the phone, just click on the Share to Print option and save the PDF format of the webpage to your phone.

24. Tips to reduce lag while gaming

Turning on the Force 4x MSAA option from the Developer Option when playing a large size game reduces the lag a lot while playing.

25. Fingerprint Trick

All types of fingerprint supported phones have a 3-5% chance of missing fingerprints. In this case, saving a fingerprint as 2-3 prints well reduces the chances of being missed.

26. Easy camera | Android Tips and Tricks

If you turn on the gesture called Double Tap Power Button from Gestures Settings, the camera will turn on when you press the power button twice. As a result, time will be saved.

27. Use guest mode to protect your privacy

Turn on the phone by someone else to run the Guest Mode to run in certain places, if the user can not get anywhere else. As a result, your privacy will be protected.

28. Black and white display

Select Monochrome from Simulate Color Space, you can use the black and white display on your phone.

29. Custom Ringtone | Android Tips and Tricks

Usually, the mobile ringtone is the same for all calls, but you can use a specific ringtone for a specific number by using the Custom Ringtone system. Only by listening to the ringtone will you be able to understand who made the call, which will help to enhance your smartness in using the phone.

30. 3D Images on Google

It is at the end of the list of the best Android tips and tricks. If you search by typing "Snake" in your phone's browser, at the bottom you will see that image as 3D. If the phone supports virtual reality view, you can also use the 3D image in the camera by giving the camera access.

30 Android Tips and Tricks Find out the Best Collection Android Tips and Tricks.
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