40+ Google Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcut Collection

40+ Google Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcut Collection

Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts are a great way to speed up your work and improve your skills. In this article, we will learn about 40+ essential Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts that will make your browsing experience smarter.

Google Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcut
Google Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcut

Chrome tab and Windows Manage keyboard shortcuts

Below are some of the best Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts that manage tabs and Windows. These shortcuts are the basic shortcuts of Google Chrome. Through which you can easily do many things. Whenever you open the Chrome browser, if you want a unique experience,  you can see the Chrome New Tab extension which will help you customize it to your liking. Below are some of the best Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts. TOP 10 KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS
  • A new tab opened: Ctrl + T
  • Opens a new window: Ctrl + N
  • To move from one tab to another: Ctrl + Tab
  • Mac: To move from one tab to another: Cmd + Option + Right or Left arrow
  • To open a link in a new tab: Ctrl + Click (or click the mouse on wheels [But many people do not know that the mouse wheel on the pressure / can be clicked 😁])
  • To open a link in a new window: Shift + Click

Chrome browser keyboard shortcut to close Active Tab

Sometimes you have to close the tab suddenly. So pressing Ctrl + W will close the tab. But if you want to close all the tabs of Chrome at once, you have to press Ctrl + Shift + W. Isn't that easy?

Keyboard shortcut to reopen closed tabs

A lot of times you need to revisit a tab after accidentally closing it. Yes, you can re-open the closed tab as before and for that, you have to press Ctrl + Shift + T then the previously closed tab will open. You can do this as many times as you like until you get the tab you need. Know Some Shortcut Keys Needed

Google Chrome keyboard shortcut in incognito or private mode

Incognito mode is a secure mode of Chrome that does not save browsing history. As a result, no one will be able to view or track your browsing history. To open this mode you need to press Ctrl + Shift + N. Now if you want to get out of this mode then just press Ctrl + Shift + W.

Google Chrome keyboard shortcut for web pages

Below are some helpful Google Chrome shortcuts that can help you navigate web pages more efficiently. If you want to use Smart in Google Chrome, you must know the navigational shortcuts   
  • Go back: Alt+Left arrow
  • Go forward: Alt+Right arrow
  • Go back on Mac: Cmd+[
  • Go forward on Mac: Cmd+]
  • Save the page: Ctrl+S
  • Print the page: Ctrl+P
  • Search the page: Ctrl+F

Chrome browser keyboard shortcut to refresh pages

You can refresh a webpage in Chrome by pressing Ctrl + R. No need to bother searching for the refresh button. And if you want to refresh the page without being cached, press Ctrl + Shift + R and the webpage will be refreshed from the webserver. This is arguably one of the best and most used Google Chrome shortcuts. Important Shortcut Keys System For Windows

Google Chrome keyboard shortcut to zoom in and out

Zoom in and out is a Google Chrome shortcut that I use regularly. If the content of a webpage is too small and unreadable, you can press the Ctrl + Plus key to zoom the page. Similarly, if the size of the content is too large, you can make it smaller by pressing the Ctrl + minus key. And if you want to reset the zoom to default, just press Ctrl + 0.    

Google Chrome Function Keyboard Shortcut Collection

Here you will find some simple shortcuts. You can search for these necessary Google Chrome shortcuts to open and browse the history, downloads, bookmarks, etc. Use these shortcuts for a while and you will find the Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcut collections that you need. 
  • Open History: Ctrl+H
  • Open History on Mac: Cmd+H
  • Open Downloads: Ctrl+J
  • Open Downloads on Mac: Cmd+Shift+J
  • Bookmark the current page: Ctrl+D
  • Jump to the Address Bar: Ctrl+L

Chrome shortcut to show or close the bookmark bar

Press Ctrl + Shift + B and the bookmark bar will appear. And once you're done with the bookmarks, press the same shortcut again to hide it. Also, if you want to create a backup of your bookmarks, but you can export bookmarks and how you can save them by clicking on the link to learn.

Switch Chrome user

I use two chrome profiles in my workplace and every time, I have to switch between my work and home account, I have to reach the profile section manually. However, using the Ctrl + Shift + M shortcuts, I can easily change the user without touching the mouse.

Do a Google search from anywhere

This convenient Google Chrome shortcut has saved me a lot of time. Just press Ctrl + K and you will get Google Omnibox, ready for your search. The best part is that you can be anywhere on a webpage and do a Google search with this effective shortcut. Be aware that some web apps have Ctrl + K shortcuts for various tasks (such as adding links). In this case, this shortcut will not work.   

Google Chrome shortcut to paste without formatting

If you copy content from a web site, press Ctrl + Shift + V. This will be a word processor and copy and paste automatically without any pre-formatting. 

Chrome shortcut to delete browsing data

Sometimes we want to delete browsing data in a hurry. In this case, you can use this great shortcut. Just press Ctrl + Shift + Del and you will be given a "clear browsing data" window. Now delete the data easily by clicking. 

Keyboard shortcut to open Chrome menu settings

Many users do not like the fact that there is no suitable Google Chrome shortcut to open the settings page. I found this innovative way that you can open the settings page at any time. Just press Alt + E to open Chrome's menu and then press "S" KEY to open settings.

Chrome Task Manager

Just like Windows Task Manager, Chrome also has a Dedicated Task Manager and you can open it via Google Chrome shortcut. Just press Shift + Esc and you can check which apps and extensions are using your RAM. If no tabs work, you can easily finish the process from here. 

Google Chrome browser shortcut to open the home page

You can easily open the home page by pressing Alt + Home. This is a very simple shortcut. You can open it on Windows and Linux by pressing Alt + Home and press Cmd + Shift + H for Mac.

Google Chrome browser keyboard shortcut for adding “www” and “.com”

If you are a little lazy in nature and do not want to enter the full URL then this shortcut is for you. After entering the domain name, just press Ctrl + Enter.

Chrome shortcut to scroll horizontally

There are times when we sort web pages horizontally. But many do not know how to do it. For this just press the shift button and scroll with the mouse. 

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