Call of Duty | Battle Royale and Multiplayer Leaks [Update]

Call of Duty | Battle Royale and Multiplayer Leaks [Update]

Call of Duty | Battle Royale and Multiplayer Leaks [Update]. The Call of Duty mobile game is about to get a big update for Season 7, so many new content is coming in this update that it is difficult for Call of Duty players not to get excited. You can manually download the beta version of COD Mobile and check all the new features. But many people find the beta version a hassle and find their comfort with the global version, they can get ideas about the new updated season 7 from this quick article.

Battle Royale Update

In the case of Battle Royale, the new update has mapped bigger, the "Isolated" map in Call of Duty is the only Battle Royale map. But that doesn't mean the map won't be big. The scope of this map has been enlarged in the new season 7 update as multiple new locations have been added to it such as; New Black Market, Hospital, Ski Town, Downtown, Frigid Wetland, etc.

After introducing the first vending machine on PubG Mobile, the new season of Call of Duty has introduced more modern vending machines. In the Black Market area, you'll find separate vending machines that can sell weapons, ammunition, or new cars.

This time the game is getting tank updates in this new season, you will find tanks when you get out of the sky, so you have to keep an eye on the sky. Moreover, the dance floor was found in a location. The funny thing is that players can change the music as they wish.

Like every new season, this new season also has a new Battle Royal class. This time the new class is Smoke Bomber, you can play from Zeta Already Test Server. Undoubtedly the Smoke Bomber Battle Royal Class is one of the most powerful classes, where it is possible to blind the enemies and slow down their movements. Oh yes, there is a new zombie boss, but this time in a new form. With this new location, the Black Market is the most interesting location, and there is also a secret bunker.

New content updates

Taco's Katana is a great operator skill of Call of Duty, once a player launches this skill they will get a Katana sword in their hands, once this sword kills the enemy the enemy's fort will be conquered. Moreover, many new multiplayer maps have been added in the new season.

Finally, a different training mood has been added to Call of Duty Season 6 Beta, beyond the 6th season. Already in beta version will be able to play on this training map, hopefully, with some changes, this training map will be moved to live server. And yes, there is a new ' Attack Of The Undead ' mode in multiplayer mode. In this mood, the two teams will fight each other; Infected Team and Survivor Team.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Release

No official release date has been published yet on when the Season 6 update will be released. However, COD Mobile said in a tweet update that the new update will be released later this week. So, these are some of the notable leaks of the new season 7, but there's a lot more to it than you can explore on your own. Just wait a few days and you will get the fruit in hand! So, happy playing!

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