Things to Check Before buying a used iPhone

Things to Check Before buying a used iPhone

No one should disagree that the iPhone has always been one of the best in the world of smartphones. However, in the context of our country, the market price of the new iPhone is much higher. In that case, many people have decided to buy a used iPhone. Currently, the internet has become a huge means of selling used iPhones. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

Check Before buying a used iPhone
Check Before buying a used iPhone

Examples include various Facebook groups and where people sell used iPhones. Considering the beauty and performance, many people decide to buy these used iPhones. Today we will discuss the things we need to do before buying a used iPhone.

Ownership of the phone

If the used iPhone you are going to buy is stolen, its real owner can block the phone at any time. So to make sure that the person you are buying from is handing you a stolen phone, it is important to confirm the ownership of the phone. Follow the steps below to confirm ownership of the used iPhone you are about to purchase -

  • Enter the General section from the phone's Settings
  • Enter the About section
  • Scroll down to find the IMEI code, which is usually a 15-digit number
  • Write the IMEI code somewhere
  •  Enter the CTIA Stolen Phone Checker site and enter the IMEI code of the phone
  • You will then see a red notice if the phone is a stolen phone and a green notice if it is not a stolen phone.

If the report contains anything other than a green notice, it is best to look for another phone to purchase.

It is good to know that this method may not be completely reliable in the context of Bangladesh. However, it is better not to buy the phone when there is a red notice.

iCloud lock or activation lock

One of the security features of the iPhone is its iCloud lock or activation lock. With the Find My iPhone feature, the owner of the iPhone can lock the phone by signing in with his Apple ID. After that, if someone wants to turn on the iPhone, he cannot use the phone without opening the iCloud lock. If you want to turn on the phone, you need to unlock the phone by signing in to iCloud with that Apple ID.

So before buying an iPhone, check if its Find My iPhone or iCloud lock is open. If locked, remove the lock from the owner or seller of the phone. Sign-out from all the places where you have signed in with iCloud or Apple ID from the iPhone. Completely factory reset the phone.

Battery Health

A great feature of the iPhone is Battery Health, which provides an initial idea of ​​the current state of the battery by measuring the battery life of the phone as it is used. To know the battery health of iPhone -

  • Enter the Settings app
  • Enter Battery Health from the Battery section
  • In the Battery Health section, you will see how much battery health is left

Usually, the battery health of a new iPhone is 100%. By looking at the battery health of the phone, you will get an idea of ​​how long the phone has been used. Note that it is possible to regain full battery health by replacing the battery.

SIM support

Sometimes the SIM does not work on the iPhone due to internal damage or software bugs. The bypass method is also used in many locked iPhones. As a result, the phone does not support the SIM card can be used. So before buying a used iPhone, make sure that the SIM is working properly on the phone you are going to buy.

The condition of the hardware

It is common to have small scratches or stains on the body of the used iPhone. However, it is important to make sure that these are the result of a serious injury before buying. So before buying a used iPhone, you must check the physical button of the phone, Touch ID / Face ID (if any), 3D touch sensor, camera lens, water damage sensor.

Storage capacity

Any iPhone model is available in different storage variants, ranging from 16 GB to 512 GB. Make sure the iPhone you are going to buy is appropriate based on your usage. However, considering the current time, it is better not to buy an iPhone with less than 64 GB of storage.


The price of the used iPhone that you are going to buy will be less than the new iPhone, that is normal. But if you get to buy a used iPhone at an extra-low price from the original market price, it can be questionable.

Buying a used iPhone is a lot more complicated than buying a used Android device. So when buying a used iPhone, keep in mind the above issues and buy judgment.
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