Top 10 Gmail Tips | Gmail Tips

Top 10 Gmail Tips | Gmail Tips

Top 10 Gmail Tips | Gmail Tips. Gmail, a free mailing service from Google. Since we use this Gmail for many everyday tasks, it is good to know the various details of this strategy. And if you know the special techniques of this very important mailing system that will make life easier than before, then tell me how? Yes, today I will teach you 10 tricks or techniques of Gmail that if you know you will be ahead of any ordinary person or your colleague. So let's get started.
Top 10 Gmail Tips | Gmail Tips
Top 10 Gmail Tips | Gmail Tips

1. Gmail interface

With this option, you can easily view and read all your mails at the same time on the same screen. To enable it, you must first go to the Gmail settings option. Then go inside by clicking on the lab's tab at the top.
Now scroll down to find the preview pane option. Enable the preview pane option. This time save the change and come out. Now turn on the vertical preview from the top right of the Gmail inbox.

2. Gmail Colorful Star Mark

There may be a lot of mail in our mail inbox. It is often seen that many important mails go down due to some unnecessary or less necessary mails. To solve this problem you may have to mark them as a star. But not all mail is equally important. Some mails are very important, some are fairly important and some are less important. We can keep them with stars marked with different colors if we want.

To do this, first, go to Gmail settings. Take out the star option from the general tabs, drag all the stars you want to use, put them in use, then save and come out. Click here to change the color.

3. Gmail Undo Option

We send a lot of emails almost every day. In these busy times, I almost accidentally send one's mail to another or by mistake to another. This can lead to many problems and sometimes even worries if the secret is forgotten. Gmail has undone options to solve this problem. So first you have to go to settings. Then enable the Undo option from the General tab to set the time in which you can undo the mail. Then save and come out. Now try to undo it within the allotted time by sending an experimental mail.

4. Gmail Archive

With our email address, we open many social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So every day a lot of unnecessary mail comes from these which causes trouble in the mail inbox. You can easily get rid of this problem if you want. For this, you have to go inside by clicking on the arrow option in the search option at the top of the mailbox. Now in the To section of the option, enter your mail address + the mail from which you do not want mail and select what you want to do by clicking on create a filter with this search below.

5. Mail Security (Password Protection)

We often exchange a lot of confidential mail or sensitive mail which can be dangerous if it falls into the hands of an unexpected person. There may be times when someone in your absence enters your device and reads your confidential mail. Gmail Security is the solution to this problem. You can keep your mail locked.

To do this, you must first add the Secure Mail option from the Chrome browser. Now you can refresh your Gmail to see the lock mark in the composed part. When you send mail, you can send it with a password and you can let the sender know the password in advance.

6. Search Options

You can easily find any mail, person, pdf, fi, picture, read / unread file, size, big or small mail, etc. using Gmail's search option. You can even take out the screenshot images in your mail.

7. Label Notification Enabled/Disabled

This part is for tab / mobile. Our mobile / tab has a lot of daily mail notification labels on the screen. Sometimes it becomes very annoying. To resolve this issue, go to the Gmail app on your mobile / tab and go to settings. You can enable/disable the notification label option by going to Manage Label. For iPhone / iPad, you just have to go to settings and change the label.

8. Auto Timing Mail Delete

Many of us send a lot of emails that are very sensitive and private. It is also dangerous to keep these in the mailbox. Gmail gives you a solution. First, you need to go to chrome's web store and add self- distracted snap email from there. Now when you send mail, you will send it from the Snap Mail option. When the recipient receives the mail, it will be automatically deleted within 60 seconds of opening. You can make more or less time if you want.

9. Mail Tracking  

You will now be able to find out how long the desired person has opened the email you sent or whether anyone has actually opened the mail you sent. For this, you need to go to the chrome web store and add mailtrack . Bananatag and boomerang are also very popular for mail tracking.

10. Mail Delegation

In many cases, we have Gmail addresses for multiple people to use. For example, an official is a mail address by which all official mails are exchanged. Now, if everyone has a separate official Gmail, then the boss of the office or the head has a problem controlling that the mail is not being exchanged. In this case, you can do a job. You can open an official Gmail for your official work and delegate that official Gmail. 
This allows you to work with delegates without sharing your official Gmail password. The identified delegate will be able to reply, mail, delete, etc. the official Gmail mail only Gmail name, password, chat, Cannot change account settings. As a result, official Gmail can be shared with office assistants with great security. To use this feature, you must first go to Gmail settings. Then go to the accounts and import tab and go to grant access to your account and add another account. If the added Gmail accepts this request, the feature will work after an hour.

Here are 10 special tricks from Gmail that will definitely keep you ahead of the rest. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments. We will help you as much as possible. I hope these tricks will help everyone in their daily mailing life, so don't forget to share.
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