YouTube's new feature 'Chapter'

YouTube's new feature 'Chapter'

YouTube is rolling out a new feature called the Video Chapter for everyone across iOS, Android and desktop. The feature will allow you to easily skip or forward a video on YouTube to the specific part you want to watch. The YouTube Video Chapter will rely on timestamps that creators apply to their videos.

YouTube's new feature 'Chapter'
YouTube's new feature 'Chapter'

YouTube video chapter | YouTube launches 'Video Chapter'

Today, a new feature called Chapter has been added to YouTube for desktops, phones, and tablets. YouTube authorities have been testing this feature since April. This chapter feature will be added to YouTube videos just as it is convenient to read books as they are divided into different chapters.

Some may think that this is not a feature of Ahamri. However, it will serve as a guide for watching any video on YouTube.

With the addition of this new feature called Chapter, there will not be much change in YouTube videos. However, viewers will have a better experience watching videos on YouTube than before.

The bar that appears to show the duration of the video will have some black markings added, which will separate each chapter into different parts. Clicking the mouse will also see the title of the chapter.

YouTube's new feature 'Chapter'
YouTube's new feature 'Chapter'
The same will change for the YouTube app on Android, iOS, and tablet devices. Chapters can be selected through Touch.

Haptic feedback will also be available at the end of each chapter as a result of this new feature. For devices that do not have haptic feedback turned on, the video will automatically play in the next chapter if it is not paused at the end of each chapter.

All creators will be able to use this new chapter feature on YouTube. However, the chapter feature will not be added to the video automatically. That is, the feature is not driven by machine learning (at least until now). The uploader of the video will decide how many chapters a video will be divided into. Also this feature will work a lot like a timestamp in the video, which will make the process of navigating the video much easier for the users.

The first timestamp of any video starts at 00:00 and will have a separate title for each chapter. A video must have at least three timestamps to add chapters. Each timestamp must be no more than 10 seconds long. This will basically work according to the video's metadata.

YouTube authorities say that if users and creators all welcome the feature, YouTube will remind creators to add chapters when uploading videos.

The chapter will be added to the YouTube original content very soon. However, this feature will not be available in the movies that can be rented from YouTube.

The YouTube chapter feature will basically be useful for tutorial type videos. It is very easy to know which part of a video you need to watch to know the specific information. The feature will serve as a video watching guide.

Matt Derby, YouTube's product manager, and Robert Thompson, YouTube's UX designer, said they realized the importance of the feature by conducting an on-the-spot investigation and added it to the YouTube video.

Adding the chapter feature to YouTube will improve the user's viewing experience on YouTube and make navigating the video much easier than before.

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