Knowledge Graph information now Found in Google image Search!

Knowledge Graph information now Found in Google image Search!

Google Image Search Ah, what a wonderful tool! However, many people do not have this favorite Google image search tool today, the main reason is that Google has removed the direct image download link from this tool. However, Google has made some improvements to this tool in the past.

From now on, if you search for an image, the information related to that image will be displayed. Suppose you search for a picture of a mountain, it will show more relevant results, as shown in a web search. The name of the place, where the place is located, what are the interesting things there, why the place is famous, etc. Many facts can be found.

Google image Search

Google says the feature works from a variety of web pages and uses a deep learning style like Google Lens. This feature is currently available in Google Android App and Google Mobile Image Search.

So from now on, when you search for any image in Google Image Search, you will get billions upon billions of facts, related results, and knowledge graph information from Google's huge database. So that you can expose the topic more.
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