How to get Loan Tk 10,000 from Citybank using bKash

How to get Loan Tk 10,000 from Citybank using bKash

How to get a Loan of Tk 10,000 from Citybank using bKash: BKash users can get instant loans through mobile. Citybank will provide this loan to the customers of Bikash, the top mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will determine whether a customer is eligible for a loan by looking at transaction reports and usage patterns in development. If he is eligible for the loan, Citybank will immediately give the loan to that customer. You will not need to submit any documents to get this loan. Just click on the bKash app to apply for a loan. At the moment the loan money will go as development. It does not require the location of the customer in any district or whether there is a loan mortgage. This is how Bangladesh is entering the era of digital debt.

How to get a Loan of Tk 10,000 from Citybank using bKash
How to get a Loan of Tk 10,000 from Citybank using bKash

Citybank's unsecured digital loan has been launched immediately in case of an emergency. Initially, under a pilot project, certain bKash customers will get loans up to a maximum of BDT 10,000. The amount and scope of the loan will increase successfully at the end of the project.

How to get a Loan of Tk 10,000 from Citybank using bKash

bKash is a mobile financial service in Bangladesh operating under the authority of Bangladesh Bank as a subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited. This mobile money system started as a joint venture between BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh, and Money in Motion LLC, United States of America. Wikipedia

Digital loans are quite popular in several countries including neighboring India, China, Philippines, Kenya. Small entrepreneurs and traders as well as other professionals are getting digital loans. With the launch of this new service, Bangladesh has gone one step further in financial inclusion. Earlier, the Mobile Financial Services (MFS) program was only for depositing and sending money.

Citybank and bKash said in a statement that the service would be officially launched with the approval of the central bank if the project is successfully completed. Loan-appropriate development customers will get this service.

It is learned that in the next three months after taking the loan, the loan amount has to be repaid in three equal installments. The loan will be repaid automatically from the customer's development account. This information will be sent to the customer through hungry messages and apps before the due payment date.

Citybank's digital borrowers will be assessed on whether they are repaying their loans regularly. This assessment will be considered in case of any subsequent loan. If any customer fails to repay the loan, Citybank will inform the Bangladesh Bank of the default information as per the rules.
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