Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber | Most Subscribed

Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber | Most Subscribed

Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber | Most Subscribed. BD Female Youtuber. There are many big or famous YouTubers in Bangladesh and many of you know them. But how many women know YouTubers, many of whom have more than a million subscribers? Today I will write the story of some such brave women on YouTube.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber | Most Subscribed
Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber 

Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber

    Here I will discuss the YouTube channel of 10 Bangladeshi women YouTubers. But before I start, let me say that these 10 channels I have collected from my own experience. For that reason, my choice may not match everyone's choice. So let's get started-

    Lucky Surprise Toys Review

    Lucky Surprise Toys Review: This youtube channel surprised me a lot. One question that comes to my mind, again and again, is how a YouTube channel can easily get more than 2.5 million subscribers by making a child-centric video? A Bangladeshi woman has touched the milestone of more than two and a half million subscribers by making a video of various events of a child on a professional Bangla YouTube channel where it cannot reach the milestone of 1 million subscribers. Really surprising. This channel is run by the mother of a small child named "Lucky". However, this channel is currently operated from the UK. 

    Spice Bangla

    Spice Bangla: Those who are a little weak in cooking can take the help of this Vlog channel. Or if you want to be a good lady with ideas about new recipes, the YouTube channel will come in handy. Because videos are shared on almost all types of advanced level cooking, starting from family cooking. The channel currently has about 1.8 million subscribers.

    Cooking Studio by Umme

    Cooking Studio by Umme: This is a cooking category YouTube channel. If you want to learn home cooking, you can follow this youtube channel. Because most of the videos in this channel are made with all kinds of homemade food items. Following the video of this channel, I have learned to cook many kinds of items myself. The channel currently has over 1.7 million subscribers.

    Aysha Siddika

    Aysha Siddika: first launched this YouTube channel in 2015. Then on January 2, 2016, the first video of 1 minute 3 seconds (Singara folded) was uploaded. In this way, Mrs. Siddika shared videos like 8/9 in 1 year as a hobby. Then, on April 25, 2017, he literally set foot in the world of YouTube with a video called "Doracake". In this way, he has achieved the milestone of about 13 lakh subscribers by walking.

    Rumana Ranna

    Rumana Ranna: As you can see from the name, it is a cooking YouTube channel. Mrs. Rumana herself is running this channel. According to his commentary, he tries to teach cooking in an easy way without confusing people. He is trying in every video to present everything as easy and traditionally as possible. His channel currently has about 11 lakh subscribers.

    Rabiya's House

    Rabiya's House: It is also a YouTube channel related to cooking. Mrs. Rabia nicely presents a variety of exotic cooking items, including almost all types of homemade recipes in her own home. Almost all types of cooking videos are available on this channel. As a housewife, if you want to make your husband and family happy, you can learn cooking from this YouTube channel. Currently, this YouTube channel has more than 8 lakh subscribers.

    Ridy Sheikh

    Ridy Sheikh: This youtube channel surprised me a lot. At first, I did not believe that this is a YouTube channel in Bangladesh. This channel has innumerable dances of Bengali, English and Hindi songs. Usually, Bangladeshi girls do not want to make such dance videos. I was surprised about that. The channel created a dance video of the song by a girl named "Ridy Sheikh" and some of her friends at different times and shared it on YouTube. She spends most of her time dancing to contemporary top music videos. As a Bengali girl, I like her dance very much. Moreover, at present, his YouTube channel has about 8 lakh subscribers.

    Selina Rahman

    Selina Rahman: is a middle-aged lady. She is currently living in America with her husband and three daughters. He always makes a variety of interesting videos on the YouTube channel about cooking as well as lifestyle. You can definitely follow Mrs. Selina Rahman's YouTube channel as a model if you want to learn how to take care of your husband, family, and children as well as how to tidy the house while learning to cook. He currently has around 7 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel.

    Ezze Recipe

    Ezze Recipe: It is also a YouTube channel for learning to cook. The admin of this channel says that I am learning to cook. So I always try to give the right recipe and something can go wrong in this Chester. However, the attempt to present the correct recipe without providing misleading information will continue all the time. I am trying to share 2-3 recipes every week. I'm glad you like it.
    She is a very outspoken woman. I like his channel a lot. If you are interested in learning how to cook, you can learn how to cook a variety of regional dishes, including old Dhaka biryani from his channel. At present, his channel has more than 4 lakh subscribers.

    Makeup Maniac By Linda

    Makeup Maniac By Linda: As you can see from the name of this channel, it is a YouTube channel for cosmetics and beauticians. Who doesn't like to be beautiful with makeup! It is very common for girls and women of all ages to wear make-up. There are very few women who do not go to the beauty parlor every month to be more beautiful. If you want to learn cosmetics like a parlor on your own without going to a parlor, you can watch the videos on this YouTube channel. You will also find many lifestyle videos on this channel. The channel currently has about 4 lakh subscribers.

    Top 10 Bangladeshi Popular Female Youtuber | Most Subscribed. I hope you have been inspired by reading this article. I believe that with honest effort, people can accomplish the impossible. These women are proof of that. It is not a big deal that the goal is to earn money, but it is a matter of pride that they have taken themselves so high and made themselves self-sufficient through their own efforts. However, if you try and stick to something, it will be difficult to catch it at some point. Stay well. Stay with the technology.

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