Top 10 Microsoft Edge Extensions

Top 10 Microsoft Edge Extensions

Top 10 Microsoft Edge Extensions: Microsoft Edge is a good enough and efficient web browser, which came on the market with Windows 10. Since then the browser has improved considerably and topped the list of favorites of many. You can also use a variety of extensions with this website, which can make your internet usage more effective!
Top 10 Microsoft Edge Extensions
Top 10 Microsoft Edge Extensions

Out of the many extensions in Microsoft Edge, we have chosen the top 10 Microsoft Edge extensions! Let's find out about these Microsoft Edge extensions!

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1. Honey | Microsoft Edge Extensions

This extension can save you thousands of rupees if you have a habit of shopping online. It retrieves coupon codes from online marketplaces and auto-applies to the products you purchase. You can easily save a lot of money with this extension! Click here to get the extension.

2. Grammarly | Microsoft Edge Extensions

If you have a habit of writing online, then the Grammarly extension is for you! This will basically help you catch grammatical mistakes in your English writing. This will help you to correct the grammar of your chatting starting from your email or Facebook post! The free version can catch common grammatical mistakes. You need to use a paid version to catch advanced mistakes! Click here to get the extension.

3. Popup Blocker | Microsoft Edge Extensions

Sometimes it is seen that you enter a website to find or read something, but one popup after another came and your mood went bad! As popups open up new windows one after the other, you can no longer find your original window! There is a Popup Blocker to fix this problem. With this, you can block these annoying popups! However, this popup blocker does not block ads. Ed is very useful for running a website! It is better not to block the ads! Click here to get the extension.

4. Tampermonkey | Microsoft Edge Extensions

Tempermonkey is not for general users. You need to know JavaScript before you can use it! It basically helps in the appearance of the web page, adding new functions to the webpage, or finding any errors. Click here to get the extension.

5. PrintFriendly and PDF | Microsoft Edge Extensions

PrintFriendly is a very useful extension. It basically helps to print. A webpage can contain articles as well as a variety of unnecessary data, including ads and navigation buttons. This extension basically helps to remove these. Not only that. If you want, you can also remove the pictures or parts of the article on the webpage that you do not need. You can also add a link to the printed copy with the help of this. Click here to get the extension.

6. Reddit Enhancement Suite | Microsoft Edge Extensions

It was originally created for the "Reddit" website. It shows everything on one page. So you don't have to click on "Next Page" again and again. There is also a night mood here for the convenience of reading. Here you will find all the important benefits like keyboard navigation. Also, with the help of the Tagger feature, you can see who is being contacted or tracked more! Click here to get the extension.

7. Office Online | Microsoft Edge Extensions

This extension will bring up Microsoft Office icons on Edge's toolbar, allowing you to easily access software like Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Even if these are not installed on your computer, still! As a result, this extension will increase your efficiency manifold. Click here to get the extension.

8. LastPass | Microsoft Edge Extensions

It is most likely a password manager. This extension will memorize all your passwords and will automatically fill in the password whenever you try to access the website. You must be "signed in" to this extension with a master password. Click here to get the extension.

9. Save to Pocket | Microsoft Edge Extensions

It's a lot like the "Watch later" option on YouTube. As much as the internet is fun and has all the things you need, you can save everything here. You can easily revisit those webpages at any time conveniently later! Click here to get the extension.

10. Amazon Assistant | Microsoft Edge Extensions

This is the official extension of Amazon, which will make your shopping easier. This will give you notification of the order. It can also provide a universal wishlist with which you can add any product online. It also allows you to compare different products and make the right decision when shopping! Click here to get the extension.

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