Uber has Resumed Operations in Dhaka With more than 5,000 cars

Uber has Resumed Operations in Dhaka With more than 5,000 cars

Uber lists more than 5,000 cars since resuming services in Dhaka: Uber resumed operations in Dhaka on June 22 with its affordable UberX service and just this week has restarted services across its Premier and Intercity categories. Uber has launched multiple new services for supporting the needs of its riders, which have also created earning opportunities for drivers.

Uber lists more than 5,000 cars since resuming services in Dhaka

After a long lockdown, Uber has enlisted more than 5,000 vehicles on its platform to ensure efficient, convenient, and accessible transportation for passengers and make a living for drivers.

Only enlisted vehicles will be able to provide ride-sharing services, the BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) announced, accelerating Uber's vehicle enlistment process. In line with this announcement, Uber has taken steps to raise awareness among the driver group by facilitating the process of obtaining enlistment certificates and applying through the BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) portal.

With the launch of the readily available Uber X service, Uber resumed operations in Dhaka on 22 June. Uber's premier and intercity service relaunched this week.

Uber has Resumed Operations in Dhaka

Ratul Ghosh, Uber's head of Bangladesh and East India, said: "As our cities reopen, we want to take Bangladesh forward and help our communities recover by ensuring safe and convenient transportation. We are committed to facilitating the driver enlistment process by working with the relevant authorities so that drivers can make a living from our platform as soon as possible and everyone can be assured that our ride-sharing service will provide the highest quality safety and hygiene to passengers and drivers in this changed situation. ”

Since the epidemic spread, Uber has unveiled a number of new services in response to the changing needs of passengers and drivers. This includes package delivery service Uber Connect, which allows customers to send their essentials safely from home. Also newly launched is Uber Rental Service through which passengers can rent a car for a few hours and use it to go to multiple places.

Over the past two weeks, Uber has taken a number of practical steps to ensure maximum security. For example, Go Online Checklist and Mask Wear Guidelines for both drivers and passengers, Pre-Trip Mask Verification Selfie for drivers, updated post-trip feedback, and ride cancellation policy. These new features have been added to ensure that every ride at Uber is safe for everyone at this critical time. In order to ensure social distance, a new seat limit has been set for travel to Uber where only two passengers can be seated in a car without a driver, and passengers are requested to sit in the back seat only.

In addition to these safety features, Uber is distributing safety equipment worth Rs 50 lakh to drivers such as masks, sanitizers, soaps, and tissue paper. Just last month, Uber formed the Transport Safety Alliance (TSA) in Bangladesh with the aim of creating awareness among customers and providing them with the necessary safety equipment to ensure safe travel.

The formation of this Safety Alliance, which started operations as the first ride-sharing company in Bangladesh in 2016, is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to providing services to passengers and drivers in one of our most important markets, Dhaka.
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