Battle Game 'Fortnite' has been Removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Battle Game 'Fortnite' has been Removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Epic Games sues After Apple- and Google Removed Fortnite From App Store and Play Store: Epic Games' popular Royal Battle game, Fortnite, has been removed from the Google Play Store after the Apple App Store. Fortnite has been removed primarily for non-compliance with App Store policies. By the way, to buy something in-app purchase or mobile game, you have to use the App Store and Play Store's own payment or billing system. But a recent update from Fortnite did not follow that rule. With this new update, users will be able to bypass Google and Apple's payment platforms and purchase accessories, starting with in-app purchases such as weapon upgrades, through the Direct Fortnite app.

Epic Games sues After Apple- and Google Removed Fortnite From App Store and Play store

As a result, Fortnite was removed from Apple, the Appstore, and later Google Play Store for violating the Payments Guidelines. Although the game is not available in the Play Store now, Android users can install it on the phone. Just as it can be downloaded from the Epic Games website, Samsung users can also install the game from the Galaxy Store.

Meanwhile, after the incident, according to a report by The Verge, Epic Games is taking legal action against both Google and Apple, alleging anti-competitive use. Apple itself once protested against monopoly (a company's monopoly on the market), according to the lawsuit filed by Epic Games. And now the company itself is becoming a monopolist in the market. They allege that Apple seeks to suppress market control, competition blocs, and even new innovations. Apple is now more powerful and harmful than its predecessors

Apple usually charges 15-30 percent for app subscriptions or in-app purchases, and Google charges a similar fee. With the new update, users were able to bypass this extra fee and get the benefit of in-app purchases from the Fortnite app at a relatively low price.

Apple said in a statement that all of the Appstore guidelines apply equally to every developer to keep the Appstore safe for users. But today Epic Games has, unfortunately, walked the path of breaking these guidelines. As a result, their app has been removed from the store. Every developer who offers digital goods or services in the App Store is required to comply with all payment guidelines. But the feature that Epic Games has enabled in their new update is neither Apple Review nor Approve. So Epic Games has deliberately disregarded the Appstore guidelines on in-up payments.

Google also said in a statement that developers can distribute apps on multiple platforms through Android's open ecosystem. Game developers who have chosen the Play Store for their games are committed to protecting the Google Play Store as well as users, as some of our consistent policies are committed to protecting their interests. Although Fortnite is still available on Android, we are unable to bring the game to the Play Store. However, we have every opportunity to discuss Epic Games with us to bring the game back to the Play Store.

According to Verge, Apple has said it is also interested in finding a solution through talks with Fortnite. The game can still be installed on Android phones from the Epic Games website. However, Apple does not have this feature.
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